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9783642378614.pdf.jpg2013Lignocellulose conversionF Ar Aco, Vincenz A
9789400779457.pdf.jpg2014Cement and concrete chemistryKurdowski, Wiesl Aw
9780444632814.pdf.jpg2014Studies in natural products chemistryRahman, Atta-ur-,; edited by Atta-ur-Rahman.
9781118495667.pdf.jpg2014Quantum information and computation for chemistry.K Ais, S Abre; Rice, Stuart A; Dinner, A Aron R; edited by Sabre Kais, Stuart A. Rice, Aaron R. Dinner.
9781447164289.pdf.jpg2014The Handbook of Graphene ElectrochemistryBrownson, D Ale A C; B Anks, Cr Aig E; by Dale A. C. Brownson, Craig E. Banks.
9781441955821.pdf.jpg2014Bioaerosol Detection TechnologiesJonsson, Per; Olofsson, G r An; Tj rnhage, Torbj rn; edited by Per Jonsson, G??ran Olofsson, Torbj??rn Tj??rnhage.
9781461489337.pdf.jpg2014Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy and its ApplicationsL Asi A, Andrzej; by Andrzej Lasia.
9783319112800.pdf.jpg2015Biochemical Roles of Eukaryotic Cell Surface MacromoleculesCh Akr Ab Arti, Abhijit; Surolia, Avadhesha; edited by Abhijit Chakrabarti, Avadhesha Surolia.
9781489974457.pdf.jpg2014Practical Aspects of Computational Chemistry IIILeszczynski, Jerzy; Shukla, Manoj K; edited by Jerzy Leszczynski, Manoj K. Shukla.
9781461485483.pdf.jpg2013Molecular biophysics for the life sciencesAllewell, Norm A; N Arhi, Lind A O; Rayment, Ivan
9781493903634.pdf.jpg2014Drug delivery systemJ Ain, K K; Kew Al K; edited by Kewal K. Jain.
9781493902897.pdf.jpg2014Electrodeposition and Surface FinishingDjoki , Stoj An S; edited by Stojan S. Djoki??.
9781493905638.pdf.jpg2014Yeast metabolic engineeringM Apelli, V Aleri A; edited by Valeria Mapelli, Industrial Biotechnology, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenbug, Sweden.
9781493905546.pdf.jpg2014Engineering and analyzing multicellular systemsSun, Lianhong; Shou, Wenying; edited by Lianhong Sun, Wenying Shou.
9781493916283.pdf.jpg2014Materials and Processes for Solar Fuel ProductionViswanathan, Balasubramanian; Subramanian, Vaidyanathan (Ravi); Lee, J Ae Sung; edited by Balasubramanian Viswanathan, Vaidyanathan (Ravi) Subramanian, Jae Sung Lee.
9781493912803.pdf.jpg2014Quantum dotsFontes, Adri An A; Professor ofBiophysics; Santos, Beate Saegesser; edited by Adriana Fontes, Beate Saegesser Santos.
9781493910472.pdf.jpg2014Cardiac tissue engineeringRadisic, Milica; Bl Ack, L Auren D ,; III; edited by Milica Radisic, Lauren D. Black III.
9783319119069.pdf.jpg2015CO2 Sequestration, Biofuels and DepollutionLichtfouse, Eric; Schwarzbauer, Jan; Robert, Didier; edited by Eric Lichtfouse, Jan Schwarzbauer, Didier Robert.
9781627037556.pdf.jpg2014Artificial riboswitchesOg Aw A, Atsushi; edited by Atsushi Ogawa.
9783319001821.pdf.jpg2014Advances in Chemical BioanalysisM Atysik, Fr Ank-Mich Ael; edited by Frank-Michael Matysik.