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9789812871527.pdf.jpg2015In-Situ Gelling PolymersLoh, Xi An Jun; edited by Xian Jun Loh.
9781569905555.pdf.jpg2014Designing plastic parts for assembly /Tres, Paul A
9783642292507.pdf.jpg2013NanobioelectrochemistryCrespilho, Fr Ank N
9781447144656.pdf.jpg2013Non-parametric tuning of PID controllersBoiko, Igor
9783527331284.pdf.jpg2014Microstructured devices for chemical processing /K Ashid, M Adhv An And N ,; Kiwi-Minsker, Lioubov,; Renken, Albert,
9783527335503.pdf.jpg2014Gasification processes :Nikrityuk, Petr A ,; Meyer, B; Bernd ,; edited by Petr A. Nikrityuk and Bernd Meyer.
9783527337064.pdf.jpg2014Emulsions, foams, suspensions, and aerosolsSchramm, Laurier L ,
9789400742468.pdf.jpg2013Carbon nanotube enhanced aerospace composite materialsP Aipetis, Alkis; Kostopoulos, V
9781447148081.pdf.jpg2013Fault-tolerant process controlMh Ask Ar, Pr Ash Ant; Liu, Jinfeng; Christofides, P An Agiotis D
9788847023369.pdf.jpg2013Fatigue and corrosion in metalsMilell A, P P
9783319101996.pdf.jpg2015Nuclear Physics: Present and FutureGreiner, W Alter; edited by Walter Greiner.
9780857096609.pdf.jpg2014Nanosensors for chemical and biological applications :Honeychurch, Kevin C ,; edited by Kevin C. Honeychurch.
9781447156642.pdf.jpg2014Finite-Time Stability and ControlAm Ato, Fr Ancesco; Ambrosino, Roberto; Ariol A, M Arco; Cosentino, C Arlo; De Tomm Asi, Gi Anm Ari A; by Francesco Amato, Roberto Ambrosino, Marco Ariola, Carlo Cosentino, Gianmaria De Tommasi.
9781118104811.pdf.jpg2014Sustainable plastics :Greene, Joseph P ,
9781461494461.pdf.jpg2014Bio-Inspired NanotechnologyKnecht, M Arc R; Walsh, Tiffany R; edited by Marc R. Knecht, Tiffany R. Walsh.
9781447147992.pdf.jpg2013Model-based fault diagnosis techniquesDing, Steven X
9781461482680.pdf.jpg2014Electrostatic and stereoelectronic effects in carbohydrate chemistryMiljkovi , Mom ilo,
9783319109305.pdf.jpg2015Advances in Robust Fractional ControlP Adul A, F Abrizio; Visioli, Antonio; by Fabrizio Padula, Antonio Visioli.
9781493903870.pdf.jpg2014Stochastic Chemical Kineticsrdi, P ter; Lente, G bor; by P??ter ??rdi, G??bor Lente.
9781489974549.pdf.jpg2014Engineering Flow and Heat ExchangeLevenspiel, Oct Ave; by Octave Levenspiel.