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9781440832598.pdf.jpg2015The human and environmental impact of fracking :Finkel, Madelon Lubin, ; 1949- ; editor. ;
9780128002117.pdf.jpg2015Food, energy, and waterAhuja, Satinder, ; 1933- ;
9781466594753.pdf.jpg2015Information needs for water management /Timmerman, Jos G., ; author. ;
9781634821315.pdf.jpg2015Unconventional oil and shale gas :-
9781138027992.pdf.jpg2015Progress in environmental engineering :Tomaszek, Janusz A., ; editor. ;; Koszelnik, Piotr, ; editor. ;
9789401797955.pdf.jpg2015Toxic Pollutants in ChinaYan, Zhenguang. ;; Liu, Zhengtao. ;
9781493926626.pdf.jpg2015Sustainable Practices for Landfill Design and OperationTownsend, Timothy G. ;; Powell, Jon. ;; Jain, Pradeep. ;; Xu, Qiyong. ;; Tolaymat, Thabet. ;; Reinhart, Debra. ;
9783319164656.pdf.jpg2015Water Pricing Experiences and InnovationsDinar, Ariel. ;; Pochat, V?ctor. ;; Albiac-Murillo, Jos?. ;
9781482243178.pdf.jpg2015Wastewater treatment :Forsgren, Amy. ;
9781118720998.pdf.jpg2015Green chemistry for dyes removal from wastewaterSharma, Sanjay K. ;
9781118312605.pdf.jpg2015Plastics and environmental sustainabilityAndrady, A. L. ; (Anthony L.) ;
9781118639740.pdf.jpg2015Reverse osmosisKucera, Jane. ;
9780127999685.pdf.jpg2015Assessing and measuring environmental impact and sustainabilityKleme??, Ji??? Jarom?r. ;
9780470390986.pdf.jpg2015Fair, Geyer, and Okun's, water and wastewater engineering :Wang, Lawrence K. ; Shammas, Nazih K. ;
9783319059693.pdf.jpg2015Management of Water, Energy and Bio-resources in the Era of Climate Change: Emerging Issues and ChallengesRaju, N. Janardhana. ;; Gossel, Wolfgang. ;; Ramanathan, AL. ;; Sudhakar, M. ;
9783319081779.pdf.jpg2015The Role of Natural and Constructed Wetlands in Nutrient Cycling and Retention on the LandscapeVymazal, Jan. ;
9781455731480.pdf.jpg2015Sittig's handbook of pesticides and agricultural chemicalsPohanish, Richard P. ;
9780128023266.pdf.jpg2015Characterization and treatment of textile wastewaterPatel, Himanshu. ;; Vashi, R. T. ;
9783319158839.pdf.jpg2015Water Policy in CanadaDore, Mohammed H. ;
9789401798013.pdf.jpg2015Understanding and Managing Urban Water in TransitionGrafton, Quentin. ;; Daniell, Katherine A. ;; Nauges, C?line. ;; Rinaudo, Jean-Daniel. ;; Chan, Noel Wai Wah. ;