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Title: Iterative Design of Teaching-Learning Sequences;Introducing the Science of Materials in European Schools /
Authors: Psillos, Dimitris. ; editor. ; Kariotoglou, Petros. ; editor. ;
Keywords: Education;Science education.;Teaching.;Education;Science Education.;Learning & Instruction.;Teaching and Teacher Education.;507.1 ; 23 ;
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Springer Netherlands :Imprint: Springer,
place: Dordrecht :
Abstract: This book addresses a very important aspect of science education and science education research respectively: The research-based development of Teaching? Learning Sequences.? The authors elaborate on important theoretical issues as well as aspects of the design and iterative evolution of a several ?Teaching Learning Sequences? in a modern scientific and technological field which is socially relevant and educationally significant.? The book is divided into two parts. The first part includes a collection of papers discussing the theoretical foundations and characteristics of selected theoretical frameworks related to designing? Teaching? Learning Sequences,? elaborate on common issues and draw on the wider perspective of design research in education. The second part? contains a collection of papers presenting case studies concerning? the design, implementation, iterative evolution and evaluation of Teaching and Learning Sequences in a variety of educational? context. The case studies? deal with a more or less new subject matter, a part of modern interdisciplinary? science, material science, which enhances? the connections between science and technology.?From a wider perspective the case studies draw on existing theoretical ideas on inquiry in various contexts and provide powerful suggestions for contextualized innovation in a variety of school systems and existing practices. ;
Description: LC8-6691 ;;SpringerLink (Online service) ;;AVAILABLE ONLINE TO AUTHORIZED PSU USERS.;42;Printed edition:;9789400778078
Table Of Contents: Introduction -- Part I: Theoretical Aspects -- Theoretical issues related to designing and developing Teaching-Learning Sequences, Psillos, D., Kariotoglou, P. -- Pragmatic Design-based research - Designing as a shared activity of teachers and researches, Juuti, K., Lavonen, J. -- Participatory Approaches to Curriculum Design within a design-research perspective., Couso, D. -- Part II: Aspects of Materials Science and their educational?adaptation -- Materials Science: Trends, Material Properties and ducational Perspectives, Hatzikraniotis, E., Kyratsi Th. -- Integrating Science and Technology in school practice through the educational reconstruction of contents, Testa, I., Lombardi, S., Monroy, S., Sassi, E. -- Part III: Case Studies -- The Process of Iterative Development of a Teaching/Learning Sequence on Acoustic Properties of Materials, Hernandez, M., Pinto, R. -- The evolutionary refinement process of a Teaching Learning Sequence for introducing inquiry aspects and density as materials?? property in floating / sinking phenomena, Zoupidis, A., Spyrtou, A., Malandrakis, G., Kariotoglou, P. -- Design and Development of Teaching-Learning Sequence (TLS) Materials around Us: Description of an Iterative Process, Loukomies, A., Lavonen, J., Juuti, K., Meisalo, V., Lampiselk?, J. -- The iterative design of a Teaching-Learning Sequence on Optical Properties of Materials to integrate Science and Technology, Testa I., Monroy G. -- The iterative evolution of a Teaching-Learning Sequence on the thermal conductivity of materials, Psillos, D., Molohidis, A., Kallery, M., Hatzikraniotis, E. -- DeDesign, Development and Refinement of a Teaching-Learning Sequence on the Electromagnetic Properties of Materials, Papadouris, N., Constantinou, C., Papaevripidou, M., Lividjis, M., Scholinaki, A., Hadjilouca, R. -- Concluding Remarks: Science Education Research for Enhancing Classroom Learning, Constantinou, C.P. , Psillos, D., Kariotoglou, P. ;
ISBN: 9789400778085
Format: VI, 382 p. 45 illus., 31 illus. in color. ; online resource. ;
Edition: 1st ed. 2016. ;
Type Of Material: Book
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