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Title: Continued Momentum: Teaching as Mentoring;How Teachers Engage in the Mentoring of Students /
Authors: DeJong, Matthew. ;
Keywords: Education;Education;Education, general.;L1-991 ;
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: SensePublishers :Imprint: SensePublishers,
place: Rotterdam :
Abstract: The position of teacher demonstrates a broader role within schools, the education system and the community. It is in our educators?? capacity, resources, knowledge and networks that they can provide for, and meet the needs of, students better than any other societal program or group. While mentoring practices are usually limited to ??at-risk?? students, research suggests a more robust understanding of the needs of students, as well as teachers as practitioners. With a discussion focused on the relevant literature, insight from both practicing teachers who mentor their students and students who were mentored by their teachers, Continued Momentum: Teaching as Mentoring explores the dimensions of how teachers mentor their students. Appropriate for pre-service and experienced teachers, administrators and school support workers; this pivotal text reveals how teachers can engage students in the modern educational reality. Matthew DeJong is an author, filmmaker, travel writer, and award-winning educator. His research interests include mentoring and, most recently, how schools can become the epicentres of community mentoring in cross-cultural environments. ;
Description: SpringerLink (Online service) ;
Table Of Contents: Acknowledgements -- The Concept of Teacher as Mentor -- Personal Rationale: The Making of a Mentor -- Professional Rationale??From Mentee to Mentor -- Academic Rationale: The Mentoring Effect -- Objectives and Benefits of Studying Teachers as Mentors -- Significance of Examining Teachers as Mentors -- Mentors, Teachers, and Schools: A Literature Review -- In the Beginning: Mentoring as Myth -- Definition of Mentoring -- Mentoring for Diversity -- Mentoring and Teaching -- Approaches to Teachers?? Knowledge, Life, and Work -- Broadening the Role of Teacher and Teaching -- The Present Context -- Major Assumptions -- Tell Us What You Need: A Methodology to Examine Teachers as Mentors -- Qualitative Research -- Data Collection -- The Setting -- Methodology -- Participants -- Data Analysis -- The Vessel that Brought You: Profiles of Teachers and Students -- Teacher Profiles: Primary Participants -- Primary Participant Summary -- Student Profiles: Secondary Participants -- Secondary Participant Summary -- It Rests with You: Exploring How Teachers Mentor Students -- Maggie: A View from the Top -- Haley: A View from down the Road -- Anton: A View from the Playing Field -- Rachael: A View from the Outside -- Annie: A View from Student Success -- Learning from Teachers Who Mentor -- Strangers, Fathers, and Friends: Exploring How Students Were Mentored by Their Teachers -- Tanvir: Mentoring as Continued Momentum -- Amandip: Mentoring as Academic Awakening -- Mohammed: Mentoring as Extra-Curricular Project -- Rena: Mentoring as Conversation -- Learning from Students Who Have Been Mentored -- Of Build and Voice: A Critical Understanding of Mentors, Teachers, and the Literature That Describes Them -- Classical Notions of a Mentor: The Absent Parent -- Mentoring for Diversity: Embracing Complexity -- Competence and Duration: A Foundation for Mentoring -- Competence and Duration: Valued by Students -- The Necessity of Mentoring -- Caring through Mentoring -- Reaching the Goal: Achievement, Outcomes, and Risk -- Mentoring and Academic Achievement -- Mentoring Outcomes: Four Possibilities -- Who Is at Risk? -- Teachers at Risk: Objections to Mentoring -- Responding to the Changing Landscape: An Era of Vulnerability -- Mentoring: Worth the Risk -- Some Power Will Inspire You: Continued Momentum??Teachers as Mentors, Teaching as Mentoring -- Inescapability of Mentoring -- Broader Notions of Teacher and Teaching -- Implications for Teacher Education -- Implications for Educational Policy -- Further Research -- Final Thoughts -- References. ;
ISBN: 9789463003933
Format: VIII, 194 p. ; online resource. ;
Type Of Material: Book
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