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3-Jun-1997Challenges for qualitative electrical reasoning in automotive circuit simulationSnooke, Neal; Price, Chris
2013Automatic driving on ill-defined roads: an adaptive, shape-constrained, color-based methodOsosinski, Marek; Labrosse, Fr?d?ric
2014Automatic Selection of Image Regions for Active FixationNeal, Mark; Hosseini, Heidar
2013Detections and Applications of Saliency on 3D Surfaces by Using Retinex TheoryLiu, Yonghuai; Zhao, Yitian
10-Sep-2008Rough and Fuzzy-rough methods for mammographic data analysisShen, Qiang; MacParthal?in, Neil Seosamh; Jensen, Richard
2001Behavioural Modules for Force Control of Robot ManipulatorsWilliams, Tomos; Hardy, Nigel
20133D Laser Scanner Development and AnalysisLiu, Yonghuai; Liu, Junjie
2014Spectral imaging for Mars explorationLangstaff, Dave; Barnes, Dave; Gunn, Matthew David
4-Aug-2010Lessons from engineering: can software benefit from product based evidence of quality?Snooke, Neal
Sep-2008An Instrument Deployment Arm Study for the ExoMars Rover VehicleTyler, Laurence; Barnes, David Preston
26-Jul-2006Fuzzy Entropy-Assisted Fuzzy-Rough Feature SelectionMacParthal?in, Neil Seosamh; Jensen, Richard; Shen, Qiang
Sep-2007The PDE surface method in higher dimensionsWoodland, Alan; Ugail, Hassan; Labrosse, Frederic
2014Feature selection with harmony search and its applicationsShen, Qiang; Diao, Ren
1-Jun-2008Finding Fuzzy-rough Reducts with Fuzzy EntropyMacParthal?in, Neil Seosamh; Jensen, Richard; Shen, Qiang
Jan-1999Identifying Design Glitches through Automated Design AnalysisPrice, Chris; Snooke, Neal; Ellis, David
Jun-2008Towards Image Rendering using models of Image ManifoldsWoodland, Alan; Labrosse, Frederic
4-Sep-2006Comparing Fuzzy-Rough and Fuzzy Entropy-assisted Fuzzy-Rough Feature SelectionMacParthal?in, Neil Seosamh; Shen, Qiang; Jensen, Richard
Sep-2009Efficient image-based tracking of apparently changing moving targetsMcIntyre, James; Church, Andrew; Labrosse, Frederic
May-2005Functional decomposition for interpretation of model based simulationBell, Jonathan; Price, Chris; Snooke, Neal
Aug-2005A language for functional interpretation of model based simulationBell, Jonathan; Snooke, Neal; Price, Chris