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-Manuel Puig and the Uncomfortable Latin American Narrative-
-The Feminisation of HIV and AIDS in the Caribbean: Delineation of Professional Women as Silent Players in the Carnival Bacchanal-
-A study of the functional properties of single motor units at computed-tomography-verified sites within the human medial pterygoid muscle during jaw movements-
-Topology Derivation and Development of Non-Isolated Three-port Converters for DC Microgrids-
-Distributed Resource Allocation And Spectrum Sharing In Future Heterogeneous Wireless Cellular Networks-
-Enhancing Physical-Layer Security in Wireless Powered Communication Networks-
-Evaluating 'FearLess': An online self-help program for anxiety-
-Essays in Behavioural and Experimental Economics: Self-selection and Incentives-
-Unravelling the insulin signalling pathway using mechanistic modelling-
-Paid to care: Women’s experiences in non-profit/NGO work in Malaysia-
-Meanings of Parkinson's Disease from the Perspectives of People Diagnosed and their Partner-carers Living in an Australian Community Setting-
-Learning through techno-human entwinement: Implications for the adoption of technologies drawn from agricultural and ICT interventions in the Philippines-
-Hyperglycaemia in acute intracerebral haemorrhage-
-Measurement of Competence in Evidence Based Practice-
-The effect of a priori information on the cognitive processes and search patterns of radiologists when searching for lung nodules and the consequences for malpractice litigation.-
-The Role of RUNX Transcription Factors in Prostate Development and Tumorigenesis-
-Gene Discovery for Genetic Disorders using Next Generation Sequencing and Functional Genomics-
-Model of Integrative Medicine: How Complementary and Alternative Medicine Has Been Integrated into Conventional Cancer Care-
-Age-related structural changes in the liver of old mice with SIRT1 overexpression in conjunction with NMN supplementation-
-Developing the evidence for a national salt reduction program in India-