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2014Developing with the drought. Poverty in the Northeast of BrazilCrothers, Charles; Opara, Oksana; Demichelis, Estefania
2014International education, student migration and government policy: a comparative study of Australia and New ZealandWaring, Marilyn; Pio, Edwina; Hollander, Robyn; Chiou, Beibei
2014Demographic characteristics of victims and offenders of stranger-perpetrated sexually motivated child abductions using a motor vehicle: a study of resolved incidents in New Zealand between 1987-2011Deckert, Antje; Grant, Ariana
2014The transition from elite junior athlete to successful senior athlete – Implications for athletics high performance programmesHume, Patria Anne; Mallett, Clifford; Hopkins, William G; Hollings, Stephen Charles
2014Student and teacher beliefs about written CF and the effect those beliefs have on uptake: a multiple case study of Laos and KuwaitBitchener, John; Feryok, Anne; Rummel, Stephanie Lee
2014Project GeoStorm: bridging the ‘killer gap’ by integrating developer and educator perspectives in the development of a tablet-based app for tertiary educationWalker, Charles; Abernethy-Newman, Taylor; Klein, Judit
2014A comparison of the anatomical and biomechanical parameters of the foot in Maori and non-MaoriRome, Keith; Hing, Wayne; Ihaka, Belinda
2014The impact of ABO kodecytes as a serological teaching toolHenry, Stephen; Blake, Deborah; Perry, Elizabeth Holly
2014Feasibility analysis of using NeuCube 3D SNN environment for spatio-temporal EEG data classification related to perception of artKasabov, Nikola; Schliebs, Stefan; Turkova, Yulia
2014What is the experience of being both Māori and Pākehā? Negotiating the experience of the hybrid cultural objectTudor, Keith; Grennell, Niki
2014Consumer personality and bandwagon consumption behaviourGaur, Sonjaya; Yap, Crystal; van Schalkwyk, Charne Leigh
2014Understandings and experiences of embryo donation in New Zealand - a discursive analysisThorpe, Mark; Du Preez, Elizabeth; Goedeke, Sonja
2014Wāhine Māori nurses who smoke and their role in smoking cessationWilson, Denise; Shepherd-Sinclair, Wiki Kahuwhariki
2014Is a multi-touch gesture interface based on a tablet better than a smart phone for elderly users?Parry, Dave; Wang, Peng
2014German speakers' migration to New Zealand: consequences across three generationsCrezee, Ineke; Nayar, Shoba; Bedford, Richard; Wohlfart, Irmengard K.
2014Exploring the applicability of SIEM technology in IT securityKrassie, Petrova; Chikonga, Maimbo
2013Understanding the short-term impact of product discontinuations on consumer response behaviourParsons, Andrew; Wilkinson, Helene; Hebblethwaite, Denisa
2014The effects of handheld load on horizontal jump performance in female athletesBrughelli, Matt; Whatman, Chris; McKenzie, Chloe Renee
2014Promoting universal design in public buildings: an action research study of community participationHocking, Clare; Mace, Jenni; Copeland, Elise
2014Allometry, biomass and litter decomposition of the New Zealand mangrove Avicennia marina var. australasicaLeuzinger, Sebastian; Alfaro, Andrea; Tran, Phan