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-Essays on lenders' dual ownership of debt and equity-
-Two essays on corporate social responsibility, investment and firm risk-
-Price discovery in the U.S. treasury market : price contribution and trade informativeness-
-Three essays on macroeconomics-
-The dynamic effects of monetary policy shocks : a better identification assumption for SVAR-
-Two essays on economic development and growth of developing countries-
-Habits and uncovered interest rate parity puzzle : theory and estimation-
-Essays on the relationship between political economy and corporate finance-
-Essays on real estate markets and macro-economy-
-Essays on real exchange rates-
-When you also borrow money from your financial advisors : dual role of investment banks in M&A-
-Essays on growth, foreign direct investment, and industrial pollution-
-Three essays on asset pricing from the macroeconomic perspective-
-Essays on cross-listed issues-
-Essays on residential property pricing-
-Return anomalies : insights from international stock markets-
-Three essays on market-based forecasting models-
-Essays on risk-related issues-
-Essays on international and intra-national capital mobility of China-
-Two essays on financing and value of R&D : evidence from global markets-