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-Durability of FRP-concrete interface-
-Improved social force model for building evacuation simulation-
-A decision support system for the determination of concession period in transportation project under Build-Operate-Transfer contract-
-Study on the atomizing mechanisms and the fire extinguishing efficiency of pneumatic-atomizing water mist generated by the steam atomizing medium-
-An investigation of the impact of climate change on energy use in buildings in different climate zones across China-
-Logrolling "win-win" settlement in construction dispute mediation-
-Anatomy of construction disputes-
-A study on the people's movement in normal and stressful conditions-
-Computational modeling, experimental and theoretical study on bond behaviors of hybrid-bonded FRP strengthened concrete structures-
-Numerical and experimental studies of bluff bodies in tandem in presence of rotating cylinder flow control-
-On theory, modeling and solutions for statics and dynamics of a nanobeam and nanobeam-like structure based on nonlocal elasticity theory-
-Characterization of electrostatically actuated micromechanical devices based on Von Karman type geometric nonlinearity-
-Analytical and computational analyses for bending and vibration of laminated piezoelectric actuators and bimorphs-
-A study on benchmarking the productivity level of the building construction industry of Hong Kong-
-Computational methods in structural engineering-
-Experimental and numerical studies of open-channel turbulent flow over rough bed-
-A two-stage real estate development project portfolio selection and scheduling decision-making system-
-An analysis of daylighting performances in office buildings and applications of light-guide system coupled with redirecting device-
-Energy performance of office buildings in different climate zones in China-
-On the use of analytic network process for modeling housing prices : a Chongqing perspective-