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9789400705791.pdf.jpg2013Robotic tactile sensingD Ahiy A, R Avinder S; Valle, Maurizio
9784431542766.pdf.jpg2013Autonomous control systems and vehiclesNon Ami, K; Kenzo
9789400774018.pdf.jpg2013Structural synthesis of parallel robots.Gogu, Grigore
9781441984111.pdf.jpg2013Selected topics in micro/nano-robotics for biomedical applicationsGuo, Yi; Professor ofEngineering
9783319023625.pdf.jpg2014Spatial temporal patterns for action-oriented perception in roving robots IIAren A, P Aolo,; P At An , Luc A
9783319026091.pdf.jpg2014Stochastic Reactive Distributed Robotic SystemsMermoud, Gregory; by Gregory Mermoud.
9783319029344.pdf.jpg2014Gearing up and accelerating cross-fertilization between academic and industrial robotics research in Europe:R hrbein, Florian; Veiga, Germano; N At Ale, Ciro; edited by Florian R??hrbein, Germano Veiga, Ciro Natale.
9783319028774.pdf.jpg2014Underwater RobotsAntonelli, Gi Anluc A; by Gianluca Antonelli.
9789401789325.pdf.jpg2014Neuro-RoboticsArtemi Adis, P An Agiotis; edited by Panagiotis Artemiadis.
9783319030173.pdf.jpg2014The Human Hand as an Inspiration for Robot Hand DevelopmentB Al Asubr Am Ani An, R Avi; Santos, Veronica J; edited by Ravi Balasubramanian, Veronica J. Santos.
9783319034133.pdf.jpg2014ROBOT2013: First Iberian Robotics Conference.Arm Ad A, M Anuel A; Ferre, M Anuel; Sanfeliu, Alberto; edited by Manuel A. Armada, Alberto Sanfeliu, Manuel Ferre.
9783319031941.pdf.jpg2014Learning Motor SkillsKober, Jens; Peters, J An; by Jens Kober, Jan Peters.
9783319035932.pdf.jpg2014Approaching Human PerformanceGrebenstein, M Arkus; by Markus Grebenstein.
9783319038384.pdf.jpg2014Gearing Up and Accelerating Cross-fertilization between Academic and Industrial Robotics Research in Europe:R hrbein, Florian; Veiga, Germano; N At Ale, Ciro; edited by Florian R??hrbein, Germano Veiga, Ciro Natale.
9783319046631.pdf.jpg2014Robotic Fabrication in Architecture, Art and Design 2014McGee, Wes; Ponce de Leon, Monica; edited by Wes McGee, Monica Ponce de Leon.
9783319060385.pdf.jpg2014Autonomous Tracked Robots in Planar Off-Road ConditionsGonz lez, R Am n; Rodr guez, Francisco; Guzm n, Jos Luis; by Ram??n Gonz??lez, Francisco Rodr??guez, Jos?? Luis Guzm??n.
9783319057835.pdf.jpg2014Visual Control of Wheeled Mobile RobotsBecerr A, H ctor M; Sag s, Carlos; by H??ctor . M Becerra, Carlos Sag????s.
9783319074887.pdf.jpg2015Field and Service RoboticsMeji As, Luis; Corke, Peter; Roberts, Jonathan; edited by Luis Mejias, Peter Corke, Jonathan Roberts.
9783319066981.pdf.jpg2014Advances in Robot KinematicsLen Ar i , J Adr An; Kh Atib, Ouss Am A; edited by Jadran Lenar??i??, Oussama Khatib.
9781447153580.pdf.jpg2014The robotics divideLopez Pel Aez, Antonio