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Title: Disordered vertebral and rib morphology in pudgy mice :;structural relationships to human congenital scoliosis /;
Authors: Shapiro, Frederic, ; author ;
Keywords: Mice ; Abnormalities ;;Spine ; Abnormalities ;;616.027333 ; 23 ;;SF407.M5 ;
Issue Date: -1-Uns- -1
Publisher: Springer Science and Business Media :;Springer,
place: Switzerland :
Series/Report no.: Advances in anatomy, embryology and cell biology ; ; 221 ;;Advances in anatomy, embryology, and cell biology ; ; 221 ;
Description: Available to OhioLINK libraries ;;Original ; 9783319431499 ; 3319431498 ; (OCoLC)952981232 ;
Table Of Contents: Abstract; Contents; Chapter 1: Introduction; Chapter 2: Materials and Methods; 2.1 Source, Distribution, and Ages of Pudgy and Non-affected Mice; 2.2 Whole Mount Preparations; 2.3 Radiographic Studies; 2.4 Histologic Studies; 2.4.1 Serial Sections; 2.5 Computerized Three-Dimensional Reconstructions; 2.6 Previous Studies on Chick Vertebral Development and Human Congenital Scoliosis; Chapter 3: Results; 3.1 Gross Appearance; 3.2 Whole Mount Appearances; 3.2.1 Overview; Normal Development; Newborn; Eight Days; Three and Four Weeks; Pudgy Mouse Development; Newborn ;
Eight and Nine DaysThree Weeks; Four Weeks; 3.3 Radiographic Studies; 3.3.1 Overview; Normal Development (Non-affected pu/+ Mice); Newborn [#s 18, 25, 53]; One Day [#21]; Three Days [#49]; Nine Days [#14]; Three Weeks [#s 11, 26, 28]; Four Weeks [#38]; Six Weeks [#12]; Two Months [#3]; Pudgy Mouse Development (pu/pu Mice); Overview; Findings in Vertebral/Rib Patterns Within Sibling Groups; Sibling Group 1 [#s 2, 4, and 5, Two Months]; Sibling Group 2 [#10, Three Weeks and #13, Six Weeks] #10; Sibling Group 3 [#19, Newborn and #20, One Day] ;
Sibling Group 4 [#s 27 and 29, Three Weeks]Sibling Group 5 [#s 35 and 36, Four Weeks]; Sibling Group 6 [#s 50 and 51, Three Days]; Sibling Group 7 [#s 52 and 54, Newborn]; 3.4 Histology Studies: Vertebrae, Ribs, Intervertebral Discs, and Ganglia; 3.4.1 Overview; 3.4.2 Serial Section Assessments; Development of Vertebrae; Normal Vertebral Body and Intervertebral Disc Development; Pu/+ 63, Embryo; Pu/+ 25, Newborn; Pu/+ 18, Newborn; Pu/+ 21, One Day; Pu/+ 49, Three Days; Pu/+ 44, Six Days; Pu/+ 14, Nine Days; Pu/+ 11, 26, 28, Three Weeks; Pu/+ 38, Four Weeks; Pu/+ 12, Six Weeks ;
Pudgy Mouse Vertebral and Intervertebral Disc DevelopmentOverview; Development of Ribs; Normal Rib Development (pu/+); Pudgy Rib Development (pu/pu); Development of Ganglia; Normal Ganglia Formation (pu/+); Pudgy Mouse Ganglia Formation (pu/pu); Development of Intervertebral Discs; Normal Intervertebral Disc Formation (pu/+); Pudgy Intervertebral Disc Formation (pu/pu); 3.5 Computerized Three-Dimensional Reconstructions of Histologic Sections; 3.6 Chick Embryo Vertebral Development (Previous Studies) ;
3.7 Radiology and Histopathology of Human Congenital Scoliosis of the Spine (With Normal Comparisons)3.7.1 Normal Fetal and Neonatal Human Vertebral Bodies; 3.7.2 Congenital Scoliosis of the Spine; Radiologic Appearance; Histopathology; Variation in Tissue Structure at the Same Level as Demonstrated in Serial Sections; Chapter 4: Discussion; 4.1 Normal Mouse Vertebral Development Compared to Pudgy Mouse Vertebral Development: General Considerations; 4.2 The Study of Vertebral/Axial Development Showing Histologic and Molecular Progression ;
ISBN: 9783319431512 ;
331943151X ;
Format: 1 online resource ;;Includes bibliographical references ;
Type Of Material: Book
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