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7-Jun-2017The microstructure of UK mudrocksJardine, Richard; Coop, Matthew; Fenton, Clark; EPSRC
12-May-2017A novel orbiter mission concept for venus with the envision proposal-
12-May-2017The undrained shear strength anisotropy of four Jurassic to Eocene stiff clays-
4-May-2017Pushdown tests on masonry infilled frames for assessment of building robustness-
4-May-2017Numerical investigation of arches in brick-masonry bridges-
9-May-2017From free jets to clinging wall jets: The influence of a horizontal boundary on a horizontally forced buoyant jet-
11-May-2017Comment on “The maximum possible and maximum expected earthquake magnitude for production-induced earthquakes at the gas field in Groningen, The Netherlands” by Gert Zöller and Matthias Holschneider-
30-May-2017New risk method to assess tree interaction with structures-
9-May-2017A new model for the C-S-H phase formed during the hydration of Portland cements-
8-Jun-2017The turbulent Prandtl number in a pure plume is 3/5EPSRC
5-Apr-2017Sub-particle-scale investigation of seepage in sands-
23-May-2017Development of joint models for channel, store, and travel mode choice: grocery shopping in LondonEngineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC)
10-May-2017Shear modulus of sand-tyre chip mixtures-
3-Apr-2017Numerical analysis and design of slender concrete-filled elliptical hollow section columns and beam-columnsCommission of the European Communities
13-Mar-2017Recovery of critical metals from dilute leach solutions - Separation of indium from tin and lead-
10-Mar-2017Dual functionality ionic liquid mix for extraction and esterification of fatty acids as a step towards increasing the efficiency of conversion of waste cooking oils to biodiesel-
9-May-2017Influence of non-stationary content of ground-motions on nonlinear dynamic response of RC bridge piers-
21-Mar-2017Influence of heterogeneity on rock strength and stiffness using DEM and the parallel bond model-
24-Mar-2017A neighbourhood-scale estimate for the cooling potential of green roofs-
2-Mar-2017Framework for a ground-motion model for induced seismic hazard and risk analysis in the Groningen gas field, the Netherlands-