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9781461443766.pdf.jpg2014Micro and nano flow systems for bioanalysisCollins, M W; K nig, C Arol A S
9783319011806.pdf.jpg2014Studying Complex Surface Dynamical Systems Using Helium-3 Spin-Echo SpectroscopyLechner, B Arb Ar A A J; by Barbara A. J. Lechner.
9783319014845.pdf.jpg2014The tree of knowledgeRonchi, C; Cl Audio; by Claudio Ronchi.
9781461460992.pdf.jpg2014Physics of collisionless shocksB Alogh, Andr ,; Treumann, Rudolf A
9781461442950.pdf.jpg-Plasma astrophysics, Part IISomov, B V; Boris V
9783642297618.pdf.jpg2014Transmission electron microscopy and diffractometry of materialsFultz, B; Brent; Howe, J Ames M ,
9783319017723.pdf.jpg2014Transport properties in non-equilibrium and anomalous systemsVillamaina, Dario
9783319011776.pdf.jpg2014Background processes in the electrostatic spectrometers of the KATRIN experimentMertens, Sus Anne
9783642312519.pdf.jpg2014Dissipative solitons in reaction diffusion systemsLiehr, Andre As W
9783319012018.pdf.jpg2014Modeling of carbon nanotubes, graphene and their compositesSilvestre, Nuno; Tserpes, Konstantinos I
9783642330629.pdf.jpg2014Photon Physics at the LHCH Ance, Mich Ael; by Michael Hance.
9781461456995.pdf.jpg2014Three dimensional solar cells based on optical confinement geometriesLi, Yu An
9783319013398.pdf.jpg2014Debye Screening LengthGh At Ak, K Am Akhy A Pr As Ad; Bh Att Ach Ary A, Sit Angshu; by Kamakhya Prasad Ghatak, Sitangshu Bhattacharya.
9783642302473.pdf.jpg2014MagnonicsDemokritov, Sergej O; Slavin, A N; Andrei N
9783642324727.pdf.jpg-Photoemission spectroscopy on high temperature superconductorZhang, Wentao
9781441981721.pdf.jpg2014Fundamental aspects of plasma chemical physicsC Apitelli, M; Bruno, D; Domenico; L Aricchuit A, Ann Arit A
9783319014425.pdf.jpg2014Using commercial amateur astronomical spectrographsHopkins, Jeffrey L
9783642312328.pdf.jpg2014Acoustic metamaterials and phononic crystalsDeymier, Pierre A
9783319010298.pdf.jpg2014Observation of CP violation in B????? - DK????? decaysG Andini, P Aolo
9783319011622.pdf.jpg201450 years of brown dwarfsJoergens, Viki