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Title: A Distributed Approach to Passively Gathering End-to-End Network Performance Measurements
Keywords: End-to-end;Passive measurement;NETI@home;Network measurements;Network performance;Distributed measurement;Network performance (Telecommunication);Software architecture;End-user computing;Internet Computer programs
Issue Date: 12-Apr-2004
Publisher: Georgia Institute of Technology
Description: NETI@home is an open-source software package that collects network performance statistics from end-systems. It has been written for and tested on the Windows, Solaris, and Linux operating systems, with testing for other operating systems to be completed soon. NETI@home is designed to run on end-user machines and collect various statistics about Internet performance. These statistics are then sent to a server at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where they are collected and made publicly available. This tool gives researchers much needed data on the end-to-end performance of the Internet, as measured by end-users. NETI@homes basic approach is to sniff packets sent from and received by the host and infer performance metrics based on these observed packets. NETI@home users are able to select a privacy level that determines what types of data are gathered, and what is not reported. NETI@home is designed to be an unobtrusive software system that runs quietly in the background with little or no intervention by the user, and using few resources.;M.S.;Committee Chair: Riley, George; Committee Member: Copeland, John; Committee Member: Dovrolis, Constantinos; Committee Member: Owen, Henry
Type Of Material: Thesis
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