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Title: The effect of solute dissolution kinetics on cloud droplet formation
Keywords: Cloud droplet formation;Activation;Dissolution kinetics;Aerosols;Clouds;Atmosphere, Upper Mathematical models;Drops;Climatology Mathematical models
Issue Date: 18-Jan-2006
Publisher: Georgia Institute of Technology
Description: This study focuses on the importance of solute dissolution kinetics for cloud droplet formation. To comprehensively account for the kinetics, a numerical model of the process was developed. Simulations of cloud droplet growth were performed for solute diffusivity, droplet growth rates, dry particle and droplet diameters relevant for ambient conditions. Simulations suggest that high ambient supersaturations and a decrease in solute diffusivity are major contributors to significant decreases in effective solute surface concentrations. The numerical simulations were incorporated into Khler theory to assess the impact of dissolution kinetics on the droplet equilibrium vapor pressure. For CCN composed of partially soluble material, a significant increase was found in the equilibrium supersaturation of CCN.;M.S.;Committee Chair: Dr. Athanasios Nenes; Committee Member: Dr. Amyn Teja; Committee Member: Dr. Rodney Weber
Type Of Material: Thesis
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