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Title: 1,4-Oxazine
Keywords: Heterocyclic compound;FVP;4H-isomer;N-Boc precursor;Isomeric oxazines;Thiazine;QD Chemistry;QD
Issue Date: 2013
Description: The fundamental heterocyclic compound 1,4-oxazine has been generated using FVP. It is the first parent heterocycle among all the possible isomeric oxazines, thiazines and their heavier atom analogues to be characterised spectroscopically, and is shown to exist in solution entirely as the 4H-isomer. X-ray structure determination of the N-Boc precursor shows significant deviations from theoretically predicted geometric parameters.;Publisher PDF;Peer reviewed
Other Identifiers: Aitken , R A , Aitken , K M , Carruthers , P G , Jean , M-A & Slawin , A M Z 2013 , ' 1,4-Oxazine ' Chemical Communications , vol 49 , no. 97 , pp. 11367-11369 . DOI: 10.1039/c3cc47801g
PURE: 76927774
PURE UUID: c1578463-dbc2-49a2-a817-dcb52056126b
Type Of Material: OTHER
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