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9789811025822.pdf.jpg2016The Zakharov System and its Soliton SolutionsGuo, Boling. ; author. ;; Gan, Zaihui. ; author. ;; Kong, Linghai. ; author. ;; Zhang, Jingjun. ; author. ;
2011Zalmoxidae (Arachnida: Opiliones: Laniatores) of the Paleotropics: a catalogue of Southeast Asian and Indo-Pacific species-
2010ZAM Quadrotor VTOL UAV: Prototype Development and Control Translator Dynamic ModellingPinder, Shane Donald; Ramos, Maximanio; Kok, Cornelis Ambrosio
May-2012Zambian Student Teachers' Attitudes Toward Including Students With Disabilities in General Education ClassroomsOstrosky, Michaelene M.; Ostrosky, Michaelene M.; Gaffney, Janet S.; Greene, Jennifer C.; Monda-Amaya, Lisa E.
2014ZBED6 Modulates the Transcription of Myogenic Genes in Mouse Myoblast Cells-
14-Jul-2015ZBTB17 (MIZ1) Is Important for the Cardiac Stress Response and a Novel Candidate Gene for Cardiomyopathy and Heart Failure.-
19-Jul-2016ZE3RA: the ZEPLIN-III Reduction and Analysis packageParticle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (PPARC); Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC); Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC)
2012Zebrafish Globin Switching Occurs in Two Developmental Stages and Is Controlled by the LCR-
10-Nov-2016Zebrafish model for functional screening of flow-responsive genesBritish Heart Foundation; British Heart Foundation
10-Nov-2016Zebrafish model for functional screening of flow-responsive genesBritish Heart Foundation; British Heart Foundation
Nov-2015Zebrafish Models of Congenital MyopathyCepko, Constance; Harris, Matthew; Bonnemann, Carsten; MacRae, Calum; Beggs, Alan
2012Zebrafish Neurobiology: From Development to Circuit Function and Behaviour-
2010Zeeman Relaxation of Cold Atomic Iron and Nickel in Collisions with \(^3\)He-
18-Sep-2014Zein encapsulation of amphiphilic compoundsPadua, Graciela W.
Aug-2015Zein films as substrates for cell attachmentPadua, Graciela W.
9783319319674.pdf.jpg2016ZEMCH: Toward the Delivery of Zero Energy Mass Custom Homes /Noguchi, Masa. ;
2012Zen Master Toko Shinetsu's Contributions through Cultural Exchange between China and Japan in Regards to Guqin Music-
9781138821019.pdf.jpg2016Zengi and the Muslim response to the Crusades :El-Azhari, Taef Kamal, ; author ;; Syria ; Kings and rulers ; Biography ;; Syria ; History ; 750-1260 ;; Syria ; History, Military ;
1-Jun-2016Zeolite-derived hybrid materials with adjustable organic pillarsUniversity of St Andrews; University of St Andrews. Centre for Higher Education Research; University of St Andrews
9783662473955.pdf.jpg2016Zeolites in Sustainable ChemistryXiao, Feng-Shou. ; Meng, Xiangju. ;