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20-Apr-1999Q& A on the Proposed NYS Research and Development Fund for Cabbage-
2009Q&A: Epistasis-
9783662486733.pdf.jpg2016QCD High Order Effects and Search for New PhysicsWang, Jian.
1991QCD on the Connection Machine: Beyond *LISP-
9783319196534.pdf.jpg2015QCD Radiation in Top-Antitop and Z+Jets Final StatesJoshi, Kiran.
2-Jul-2015QD-AMVA: Evaluating Systems with Queue-Dependent Service Requirements-
6-Jun-2016QoI-aware Tradeoff Between Communication and Computation in Wireless Ad-hoc NetworksIBM United Kingdom Ltd
2012QR Codes in the Library: Are They Worth the Effort? Analysis of a QR Code Pilot Project-
20-Jan-2015QRF: an Optimization-Based Framework for Evaluating Complex Stochastic Networks-
1-Dec-2012QSRR modeling for diverse drugs using different feature selection methods coupled with linear and nonlinear regressionsGoodarzi, Mohammad; Jensen, Richard; Vander Heyden, Yvan
2009QUaD: A High-Resolution Cosmic Microwave Background Polarimeter-
9781461474876.pdf.jpg2015Quadratic and higher degree forms /Alladi, Krishnaswami, ; editor of compilation ;; Bhargava, Manjul, d 1974- ; editor of compilation ;; Savitt, David, ; editor of compilation ;; Tiep, Pham Huu, ; editor of compilation ;
9780387541099.pdf.jpg2015Quadratic Diophantine EquationsAndreescu, Titu.; Andrica, Dorin.
1968Quadratic Forms in Singular Normal Variables-
-Quadratic head loss approximations for optimisation problems in water supply networksEngineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC)
9783319162836.pdf.jpg2015The Quadratic Reciprocity LawBaumgart, Oswald.
9783319162829.pdf.jpg2015The quadratic reciprocity law :Baumgart, Oswald, author.; Lemmermeyer, Franz, editor, translator.
2007Quadriceps strength prediction equations in individuals with ligamentous injuries, meniscal injuries and/or osteoarthritis of the knee jointMcNair, Peter; Reid, Duncan; Colvin, Matthew
9781137555779.pdf.jpg2017The Quadruple Innovation Helix NexusDe Oliveira Monteiro, Sara Paulina. ; editor. ;; Carayannis, Elias G. ; editor. ;
Sep-2013Quadtree Structured Approximation AlgorithmsDragotti, Pier Luigi; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council