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2015M&A information technology best practices /Roehl-Anderson, Janice M., ; editor ;
12-Apr-2004M-ary Runlength Limited Coding and Signal Processing for Optical Data StorageElectrical and Computer Engineering
2008M-DPOP: Faithful Distributed Implementations of Efficient Social Choice Problems-
Mar-1990M-estimation of multivariate regressions-
-M-health and health promotion: the digital cyborg and surveillance society-
-M-Hull: An Interactive Graphics Hull Design ProgramDepartment of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
May-1990M-median and M-center problems with mutual communication : solvable special cases-
-M-TRAM urban stationscape in Sai Ying Pun-
Jul-1971M.S. Thesis Problem: Tests for Mortality in the k-Sample Tag-Recapture Experiment-
-M2M-enabled public safety services for mobile ad hoc networks-
-{M3S2} heterometallic aggregates derived from Pt2(PPh3)4(μ-S)2: Structural analysis of [MPt2X(PPh3)5(μ3-S) 2]+ (M=Pd and Pt, X=Cl; M=Rh and Ir, X=CO) by X-ray single-crystal crystallography-
-M8L12 cubic cages with all facial Δ or facial Λ configuration: effects of surface anions on the occupancy of the cage and anion exchange-
-Ma On Shan Community Centre and Library-
2017Ma theory and the creative management of innovation /Kodama, Mitsuru, ; 1957- ; editor ;
-Maatalous ja ympäristö: Monivaikutteisuus, kasvihuonekaasupäästöt ja vesipuitedirektiivi-
-Maataloustuotannon kestävä tehostaminen kasvi- ja kotieläintilojen yhteistyöllä-
-Maatilakohtaisen biokaasulaitosinvestoinnin kannattavuus suomalaisella sikatilalla-
-MaatilakuivuritHautala, M.; Jokiniemi, T.; Ahokas, J.
-Maatilojen energiankäyttö. Enpos-hankkeen tulokset.Ahokas, Jukka