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9789004192355.pdf.jpg2016I am a LinguistDixon, R.M.W. ;
Aug-2014I am aware, I view myself differently, I can create change: the experience of black students in an intergroup dialogue courseRounds, James
May-2015"I am not beneath you because I am from a different continent, I am also like you!": Nigerian college students make meaning of racial and ethnic identity at a predominantly white institutionHood, Denice W.; Hood, Denice W.; Trent, William T.; McCarthy, Cameron R.; Baber, Lorenzo D.
2011I Am Wild And Always Will Be-
-I am your worst fear, I am your best fantasy: new approaches to slash fiction-
Aug-2013"I can only cognitively coach so much": heavy coaching efforts amidst disciplinary complexities in secondary school classroomsDressman, Mark A.; Monda-Amaya, Lisa; Dressman, Mark A.; Johnston-Parsons, Marilyn A.; McCarthey, Sarah J.
-I can't do this, it's too much: Building social inclusion in cancer diagnosis and treatment experiences of Aboriginal people, their carers and health workers-
-"I don’t feel like I’m truly myself": Exploring the Impact of Bipolar II Disorder on Self-Identity using Interpretative Phenomenological AnalysisLee, Billy
9781409447948.pdf.jpg2015I drum, therefore I amSmith, Gareth Dylan ;
-“I exploit my children for millions and millions of dollars on my mommyblog” How Heather B. Armstrong’s personal blog became a successful business-
-I get by with a little help from my friends" : adults with intellectual disability discuss friendship-
2013I Got More Data, My Model is More Refined, but My Estimator is Getting Worse! Am I Just Dumb?-
31-May-2016I hear you eat and speak: automatic recognition of eating condition and food type, use-cases, and impact on ASR performance-
9780198725039.pdf.jpg2015I hope I don't intrude :Vincent, David, ; 1949- ; author. ;
20-Feb-2013I Interviewed for a CEO Job on a Walker ... and Other Career-Building AncedotesMetroKitchen
9781585368396.pdf.jpg2016I love you just enough /Frankenhuyzen, Robbyn Smith van. ; ;; Frankenhuyzen, Gijsbert van, ; illustrator. ; ;
2013‘I prefer a dry red thanks’: a consumer behavioural study of resident Auckland Chinese wine consumption and wine-related tourismBremner, Hamish; Douglas, Cameron; Deng, Shenrui (Demi)
9781450428569.pdf.jpg2015I run, therefore I am STILL nuts! /Schwartz, Bob, ; 1960- ;
-I see what you did there; iconicity aids the acquisition of signs in the gestural modality-
-‘I Shop, Therefore I Am: Consumerism and the Mass Media in the Novels of Thomas Pynchon, Don DeLillo, Bret Easton Ellis and Douglas CouplandMillard, Ken