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Feb-2013A Photoplethysmography System Optimised for Pervasive Cardiac MonitoringLuk, Wayne; Yang, Guang-Zhong
Oct-2012Appearance Modelling and Reconstruction for Navigation in Minimally Invasive SurgeryYang, Guang-Zhong; Darzi, Ara
2012Behaviour Profiling using Wearable Sensors for Pervasive HealthcareYang, Guang-Zhong
Jun-2012Efficient and scalable exact inference algorithms for Bayesian networksGillies, Duncan; Yang, Guang-Zhong
Feb-2015Fusion of wearable and visual sensors for human motion analysisLo, Benny; Yang, Guang-Zhong; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
May-2014Gaze Contingent Robotic Control in Minimally Invasive SurgeryYang, Guang-Zhong
1-Jun-2016Generative methods for scene association with 2D pairwise constraintsYang, Guang-Zhong
2-Aug-2016Modeling and skill assessment for robot-assisted endovascular catheterizationYang, Guang-Zhong; Imperial College London
2-Sep-2015Multi-sensor fusion for human-robot interaction in crowded environmentsYang, Guang-Zhong; Grundy Educational Trust
2011Multimodal Multispectral Optical Endoscopic Imaging for Biomedical ApplicationsElson, Dan; Yang, Guang-Zhong
Dec-2012Reinforcement Learning for Context-Specific Image Analysis and UnderstandingYang, Guang-Zhong; CORDA
Sep-2014Uncertainty and social considerations for mobile assistive robot navigationYang, Guang-Zhong; Comision Nacional de Investigación Científica y Tecnologica (Chile)
Apr-2015Ungrounded haptic-feedback for hand-held surgical robotsYang, Guang-Zhong; Darzi, Ara; Wates Foundation