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2004Building trust to work with: a grounded theory study of paediatric acute care nurses workWilson, Jan; Hall, Julianne
2005Loss before life begins: the invisible babies and their invisible deathsWilson, Jan; Mercer, Brad; Rose, Tina
2005Maintaining enjoyment of life in the process of living with high cholesterol : a grounded theory studyWilson, Jan; Wong, Grace; Reade-Raethel, Valerie R
2007Mind shift: creating change through narrative learning cyclesWilson, Jan; Hall, Julianne; Grainger, Jenny Elizabeth
2007Passionate dedication: a qualitative and descriptive study of nurses' and hospital play specialists' experiences on a children's burn wardWilson, Jan; Jones, Marion; Isaac, Dorothy
2003Shifting focus: how registered nurses in residential aged care organise their work: a grounded theory studyGiddings, Lynne; Wilson, Jan; McKenzie-Green, Barbara A
2008Students' stories of self case study while learning cognitive therapy: a New Zealand narrative studyWilson, Jan; Fraser, Niccy
2005Two becoming one: immigrant Indian women sustaining self and well-being through doing: a grounded theory studyWilson, Jan; Hocking, Clare; Nayar, Shoba C
2004Walking the line: managing type 2 diabetes: a grounded theory study of part-Europeans from FijiWilson, Jan; Simpson, Sandra
2005What's it like being us : stories of young New Zealanders who experience difficulty learningWilson, Jan; Hocking, Clare; Marshall, Sheryn A