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20074,5-dihydropyrazoles : novel chemistry and biological activityWestwood, Nicholas James
Dec-2012Chemical biology studies on 5-nitrofurans and sirtuin inhibitorsWestwood, Nicholas James; Cancer Research UK; Overseas studentship
1-Dec-2014Development of novel modulators of protein-protein interactions associated with cancerWestwood, Nicholas James
2015New methods for the diastereoselective construction of vicinal quaternary stereocenters and their application to the total synthesis of the bioactive (±)-dehalo-perophoramidineWestwood, Nicholas James
22-Jun-2011Novel cambinol analogues as potential anticancer agents : an improved understanding of sirtuin isoform selectivityWestwood, Nicholas James; Cancer Research UK
Jun-2013Progress towards the synthesis of perophoramidine : formation of the contiguous quaternary centresWestwood, Nicholas James
2008Rearrangements in the indolo[2,3-b]quinoline system : a novel approach to the synthesis of perophoramidine and the the communesinsWestwood, Nicholas James
2006Synthesis of ring-constrained thiazolylpyrimidines: inhibitors of cyclin-dependent kinasesWestwood, Nicholas James
23-Jun-2010Target identification and validation studies in chemical biology & Synthesis of medium-sized ring containing compounds via oxidative fragmentationWestwood, Nicholas James
Jun-2011The development of novel myosin inhibitorsWestwood, Nicholas James
26-Jun-2009The synthesis of medium-sized ring containing libraries using oxidative fragmentation and rearrangement strategiesWestwood, Nicholas James
24-Jun-2015Using molecular oxygen in synthesis : applications in lignin valorisation and natural product synthesisWestwood, Nicholas James