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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2005A language for functional interpretation of model based simulationBell, Jonathan; Snooke, Neal; Price, Chris
Jun-2006A layered approach to automated electrical safety analysis in automotive environmentsPrice, Chris; Snooke, Neal; Lewis, Stuart
Sep-2011A multi-level, multi-purpose qualitative network flow analysis techniqueSnooke, Neal; Shipman, Richard Charles
Aug-2003Adaptable Modelling of Electrical SystemsPrice, Chris; Snooke, Neal; Lewis, Stuart
27-Sep-2009An Automated Failure Modes and Effect Analysis Based Visual Matrix Approach to Sensor Selection and Diagnosability AssessmentSnooke, Neal
16-Dec-2010Assisting Failure Modes and Effects Analysis of a SystemSnooke, Neal
3-Jun-1997Challenges for qualitative electrical reasoning in automotive circuit simulationSnooke, Neal; Price, Chris
1997Combining Functional and Structural Reasoning for Safety Analysis of Electrical DesignsPrice, Chris; Pugh, Dave; Snooke, Neal; Hunt, John; Wilson, Myra
Aug-2004Describing System Functions that Depend on Intermittent and Sequential BehaviorBell, Jonathan; Snooke, Neal
May-2005Functional decomposition for interpretation of model based simulationBell, Jonathan; Price, Chris; Snooke, Neal
11-Dec-2001Generating Automotive Electrical System Models from Component Based Qualitative SimulationMacintosh, Ann; Moulton, Mike; Preece, Alun; Snooke, Neal; Shipman, Richard
23-Nov-1998Hierarchical Functional ReasoningSnooke, Neal; Price, Chris
Jan-1999Identifying Design Glitches through Automated Design AnalysisPrice, Chris; Snooke, Neal; Ellis, David
2006Interpretation of simulation for model-based design analysis of engineered systemsSnooke, Neal; Bell, Jonathan
4-Aug-2010Lessons from engineering: can software benefit from product based evidence of quality?Snooke, Neal
Jun-2004Model-Based Failure Modes and Effects Analysis of SoftwareSnooke, Neal
4-Dec-2006Qualitative FuturesPrice, Chris; Trave-Massuyes, Louise; Milne, Rob; Ironi, Liliana; Forbus, Kenneth; Bredeweg, Bert; Lee, Mark; Struss, Peter; Snooke, Neal; Lucas, Peter; Cavazza, Marc; Coghill, George
1-Jan-1999Simulating Electrical Devices with Complex BehaviourSnooke, Neal
Jun-2002Whole Lifecycle Electrical Design AnalysisSnooke, Neal; Price, Chris; Ellis, David