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2010Ageing at work: the phenomenon of being an older experienced health professionalSmythe, Liz; Hocking, Clare; Paddy, Ann
2009Ankle sprains: an investigation into patient perceptions and performance of physical tasks following acute ankle sprains using a mixed methods approachMcNair, Peter; Smythe, Liz; Larmer, Peter John
2013Being holistic in practice: a hermeneutic phenomenological studyWright-St Clair, Valerie; Smythe, Liz; Carruthers, Robyn
2007Dance and stillness: a phenomenological hermeneutic inquiry into the experience of stillness: presented through the medium of dance performance and written exegesisGoulding, Josie; Smythe, Liz; De Leon, Jennifer
2002Facing up to cancer: the lived experience of being diagnosed with a life threatening form of cancerMaculloch, Tony; Smythe, Liz; Lothian, Neil
2008Finding the shadows in the mirror of experience: an ontological study of the global-co-workerSmythe, Liz; Hitchen, John; Fleck, Kenneth
2011Implementing a narrative-centred curriculum in an undergraduate midwifery programme: a hermeneutic studyGiddings, Lynne; Smythe, Liz; Gilkison, Andrea
2011Insight into the experiences of oral health therapy students on clinical placementSmythe, Liz; Smith, Agnes
2013Living the lift line: a phenomenological study of the lived experience of skiingSmythe, Liz; Ferkins, Lesley; Clark, Kerensa
2012Mental health consumer participation: a technical action research projectBamford-Wade, Anita; Smythe, Liz; Sorensen, Rozlyn Karen
2003Midwives' experiences of working with women in labour: interpreting the meaning of painGunn, Jackie; Smythe, Liz; Vague, Stephanie
2012Physiotherapy clinical education: power interplay examined through the lens of BourdieuJones, Marion; Smythe, Liz; Mooney, Sarah
2008Recovery as the re-fabrication of everyday life: Exploring the meaning of doing for people recovering from mental illnessHocking, Clare; Smythe, Liz; Sutton, Daniel
2008Resituating the meaning of occupation in the context of livingSmythe, Liz; Hocking, Clare; Reed, Kirk
2013Sacred joy at birth: a hermeneutic phenomenology studySmythe, Liz; Spence, Deb; Crowther, Susan
2009Shoulder dystocia: effective management of an obstetric emergencyMcAra-Couper, Judith; Smythe, Liz; Ansell (Irving), Lesley
2012The adjustment of African women living in New Zealand: a narrative studySmythe, Liz; Adelowo, Adesayo
2013The consequences of using advanced assessment skills in medical and surgical nursing: keeping patients safeSmythe, Liz; Koziol-McLain, Jane; Zambas, Shelaine Iris
2008The development and implementation of a framework for best practice with regard to nursing/midwifery shift handoverSmythe, Liz; Wynne-Jones, Jacqueline Anne
2013The first time a midwife cares for a woman having a stillbirth - a descriptive interpretive inquirySmythe, Liz; McAra-Couper, Judith; Jones, Kay