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30-Aug-2010A credibilistic approach to assumption-based truth maintenanceShen, Qiang; Zhao, Ruiqing
1-Mar-2010A Distance Measure Approach to Exploring the Rough Set Boundary Region for Attribute ReductionMacParthal?in, Neil Seosamh; Shen, Qiang; Jensen, Richard
2005A Framework for the Scoring of Operators on the Search Space of Equivalence Classes of Bayesian Network StructuresShen, Qiang; Daly, Ronan
27-Sep-2011A fuzzy order-of-magnitude approach to qualitative link analysisShen, Qiang; Boongoen, Tossapon; Price, Chris
2008A fuzzy-XCS classifier system with linguistic hedgesMarin-Bl?zquez, Javier; Shen, Qiang
Aug-2009A Novel Framework of Fuzzy Complex Numbers and its Application to Compositional ModellingFu, Xin; Shen, Qiang
8-Nov-2006A scenario-driven decision support system for serious crime investigationShen, Qiang; Keppens, Jeroen; Aitken, Colin; Schafer, Burkhard; Lee, Mark
12-Dec-2011Adaptive fuzzy interpolationYang, Longzhi; Shen, Qiang
Jul-2010Adaptive Fuzzy Interpolation and Extrapolation with Multiple-antecedent RulesShen, Qiang; Yang, Longzhi
26-Sep-2011Adaptive Fuzzy Interpolation with Prioritized Component CandidatesShen, Qiang; Yang, Longzhi
26-Sep-2011Adaptive Fuzzy Interpolation with Uncertain Observations and Rule BaseShen, Qiang; Yang, Longzhi
2006Aiding classification of gene expression data with feature selection: a comparative studyShen, Qiang; Shang, Changjing
2008Aiding neural network based image classification with fuzzy-rough feature selectionShang, Changjing; Shen, Qiang
1-Apr-2008Approximation-based feature selection and application for algae population estimationShen, Qiang; Jensen, Richard
Dec-2009Are More Features Better? : A Response to Attributes Reduction Using Fuzzy Rough SetsJensen, Richard; Shen, Qiang
2004Causality enabled compositional modelling of Bayesian networksShen, Qiang; Keppens, Jeroen
1-Jun-2008Clus-DOWA: A New Dependent OWA OperatorBoongoen, Tossapon; Shen, Qiang
4-Sep-2006Comparing Fuzzy-Rough and Fuzzy Entropy-assisted Fuzzy-Rough Feature SelectionMacParthal?in, Neil Seosamh; Shen, Qiang; Jensen, Richard
2005Compositional Bayesian modelling and its application to decision support in crime investigationShen, Qiang; Lee, Mark; Keppens, Jeroen
1-Aug-2011Compositional Bayesian Modelling for Computation of Evidence Collection StrategiesKeppens, Jeroen; Shen, Qiang; Price, Christopher John