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2012A landmark model for assigning item weight for pattern miningPears, Russel; Pisalpanus, Songwut
2008A survey of technologies and algorithms for parsing and indexing multimedia databasesPears, Russel; Damba, Augustine Kureva
2010Calibration of various configuration of multiple cameras for Driver Assistance SystemsPears, Russel; Klette, Reinhard; Ahn, Je
2008Dynamic credit scoring using payment predictionPears, Russel; Oetama, Raymond
2013Exploiting data mining techniques in the design of multidimensional schema for enhanced knowledge discoveryPears, Russel; Fong, A.C.M; Usman, Muhammad
2012Geometric correlation extraction method for intelligent finance data analysisPears, Russel; Kasabov, Nikola; Ji, Xingxiu
2014Goal-oriented dynamic test generationFong, Alvis; Pears, Russel; Do, TheAnh
2009Hybrid recommender system using association rulesPears, Russel; Cristache, Alex
2011Integrated multi-model framework for adaptive multiple time-series analysis and modellingKasabov, Nikola; Pears, Russel; Widiputra, Harya
2008Map compression for a RFID-based two-dimensional indoor navigation systemParry, Dave; Pears, Russel; Tsai, Tsung-Chun
2012Multi-metric prediction of software build outcomesConnor, Andy; Pears, Russel; Whalley, Jacqueline; Finlay, Jacquiline
2010Near closed frequent itemsets to accelerate the generation of association rules in a data stream environmentPears, Russel; Viriyarattanaporn, Nathaphong
2009Novel applications of Association Rule Mining- Data Stream MiningPears, Russel; Vithal Kadam, Omkar
2012On-line fast kernel based methods for classification over stream data (with case studies for cyber-security)Kasabov, Nikola; Pears, Russel; Ban, Tao; Chen, Ye (Gary)
2012Use of Data Compression Techniques for optimizing queries in an RFID NetworkPears, Russel; Teke, Shekhar Babanrao
2011Web traffic prediction for online advertisingPears, Russel; Matlakunta, Rojaa Ramani