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2012Being Muslim and doing Islam: narratives that shape the physical activity of Muslim women in New ZealandPayne, Deborah; Hinckson, Erica; Ali, Nargis
2012Contemporary technology and 10-12 year old childhood constructions: a critical discourse analysisHocking, Clare; Payne, Deborah; Silcock, Elizabeth Mary
2011Mappings of the interior: a critical discourse analysis of emotional competenceAppel, Stephen; Payne, Deborah; MacCulloch, Anthony James
2011Migrant maternityPayne, Deborah; Allen, David; DeSouza, Ruth
2008Shapeshifting: prostitution and the problem of harm: a discourse analysis of media reportage of prostitution law reform in New Zealand in 2003Payne, Deborah; Diesfeld, Kate; Barrington, Jane
2009Sustaining one’s own health and wellness while supporting a stroke survivor: spouses’ and partners’ perspectivesPayne, Deborah; Moloczij, Natasha
2011The experience of combining fertility treatment and paid employment: women’s narrativesGoedeke, Sonja; Payne, Deborah; Walker, Serena Anne
2011The experience of women combining fertility treatment and paid employment: women's narrativesGoedeke, Sonja; Payne, Deborah; Walker, Serena Anne
2010The Health Select Committee's inquiry into Obesity and Type ll Diabetes - examining the Nursing responsePayne, Deborah; Schofield, Grant; McPherson, Brighid
2011Whose game are we playing? a study of the effects of adult involvement on children participating in organised team sportsSchluter, Philip; Thomson, Rex; Payne, Deborah; Walters, Simon Richard
2012Who’s responsible for addressing child overweight and obesity? An analysis of health professional discourseWaters, Tineke; Payne, Deborah; Wright, Anna Elizabeth
2010Women's experiences of Short Cycle In-vitro FertilisationGoedeke, Sonja; Payne, Deborah; Balfour, Sarah Elizabeth
2014Women’s experience of pregnancy and early motherhood following repeated IVF treatment: a phenomenological studyPayne, Deborah; Smythe, Liz; Dann, Leona