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Aug-1953A basic investigation of the full floating textile spindle bearingMechanical engineering
Dec-1995A biokinetic model for Cesium-137 in the fetusMechanical engineering; Health physics
May-1993A biomechanical analysis of the plates and screws implanted in posterior cervical spine plating via the lateral massMechanical engineering
May-1986A braced end effector for a flexible robot manipulatorMechanical engineering
May-1963A calorimetric determination of thermal emissivityMechanical engineering
May-1972A collision avoidance warning criterion for maneuvering aircraftMechanical engineering
Aug-2000A combined differential and integral model for high temperature fuel cellsMechanical engineering
May-1972A comparative study of the exhaust emissions of a Wankel engine using gasoline and natural gas as fuelsMechanical engineering
Dec-1988A comparison of interpolative methods for cell mapping analyses of nonlinear systemsMechanical engineering
Aug-1951A comparison of propane and gasoline as fuels in an Otto cycle engineMechanical engineering
Aug-1964A comparison of the available viscosity data of high pressure and high temperature steam with a modified Reinganum's equation for viscosityMechanical engineering
May-1992A comparison of woven fiber composite models to determine coefficients of thermal expansionMechanical engineering
Dec-1991A comparison perceived and calculated risk for a low-level radioactive waste disposal facilityMechanical engineering; Health physics
Dec-1973A compartmental model of the lung with closing volumeMechanical engineering
Aug-2001A comprehensive approach to on-condition evaluation of rotorcraft structural integrityMechanical engineering
May-2000A computational method for evaluating cavitating flow between rough surfacesMechanical engineering
Aug-1997A computer aided build style decision support method for stereolithographyMechanical engineering
May-1994A computer model of beta particle dose distributions in lithium fluoride and tissueMechanical engineering; Health physics
Dec-1998A concept exploration method for product family designMechanical engineering
Dec-1993A critical study of finite strain porous inelasticityMechanical engineering