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-Addressing human factors in green office building design : occupant indoor environment quality survey in ChinaLau, SSY
-Creating Livable, Healthy And Environmentally Viable Cities – An Asian PerspectiveTang, GWK; Lau, SSY; Yang, F; Chan, EHW
-Extended kinship and townscape : a morphological study on Wuyi rural markets during the Republican eraWang, WJ; Lau, SSY
-Hong Kong building environmental assessment method. New buildingsLau, SSY
-International sustainable and urban regeneration : case studies and lessons learned 2008: ICONUS Conference'08Pattern, A; Wang, J; Lau, TE; Lau, SSY
-Lifestyle and housing location choice: a casestudy of residential differentiation of professionals in transitionalShanghaiLau, SSY
-Neighborhood scale and market-responsive urban design: a study of large-scale suburban private residentialdevelopments in the transitional economy in ChinaLau, SSY; Ye, AM
-Publicness of elevated public space in Central, Hong Kong: an inquiry into the publicness of elevated pedestrian walkway systems asplaces and non-placesZhu, T; Lau, SSY
-Shaping mega-event flagships: case studies ofthe big four of Expo 2010 Shanghai ChinaLau, SSY; Poon, SW
-Summertime urban heat island effect in high-rise high-density residential development in the inner-city of Guangzhou, ChinaLau, SSY
-Urban design factors influencing outdoor temperature in high-risehigh-density residential developments in the coastal zone of HongKongLau, SSY
-沪港绿色建筑研究与设计案例Xu, Q; Chen, EHW; Lau, SSY