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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2004A dichotomic search algorithm for mining and learning in domain-specific logicsFerre, Sebastien; King, Ross Donald
Jul-2003An Empirical Study of the Use of Relevance Information in Inductive Logic ProgrammingKing, Ross Donald; Srinivasan, A.; Bain, M. E.
17-Jun-2009An investigation into the population abundance distribution of mRNAs, proteins, and metabolites in biological systemsLu, Chuan; King, Ross Donald
2006An ontology for a Robot ScientistSoldatova, Larisa; Clare, Amanda; Sparkes, Andrew; King, Ross Donald
22-Dec-2006An Ontology of Scientific ExperimentsKing, Ross Donald; Soldatova, Larisa
2003Application of Inductive Logic Programming to Structure-Based Drug DesignEnot, David Pierre Louis; King, Ross Donald
2002Application of metabolomics to plant genotype discrimination using statistics and machine learningTaylor, Janet; King, Ross Donald; Altmann, Thomas; Fiehn, Oliver
2005Are the Current Ontologies used in Biology Good Ontologies?King, Ross Donald; Soldatova, Larisa
2007ART: An ontology based tool for the translation of papers into Semantic Web formatLiakata, Maria; Soldatova, Larisa; Batchelor, Colin; Lewis, Stuart; Fielding, Helen; King, Ross Donald
Mar-2010Automatic identification and restoration of reaction gaps in the consensus reconstruction network for yeast metabolismLu, Chuan; King, Ross Donald
2004BLID: an Application of Logical Information Systems in BioinformaticsFerre, Sebastien; King, Ross Donald
2004Confirmation of Data Mining Based Predictions of Protein FunctionKing, Ross Donald; Wise, P. H.; Clare, Amanda
Oct-2010Constraint-based optimisation tools for semi-automated refinement of genome-scale yeast metabolic modelsPir, Pinar; Dobson, Paul D.; Smallbone, Kieran; Mendes, Pedro; King, Ross Donald; Lu, Chuan; Oliver, Stephen G.; Clare, Amanda
2003Data mining the yeast genome in a lazy functional languageClare, Amanda; King, Ross Donald
15-Jan-2004Functional genomic hypothesis generation and experimentation by a robot scientistKing, Ross Donald; Whelan, Kenneth Edward; Jones, Ffion M.; Reiser, Philip G. K.; Bryant, Christopher H.; Muggleton, Stephen H.; Kell, Douglas B.; Oliver, Stephen G.
28-Oct-2010Further developments towards a genome-scale metabolic model of yeastDobson, Paul D.; Smallbone, Kieran; Jameson, Daniel; Simeonidis, Evangelos; Lanthaler, Karin; Pir, P?nar; Lu, Chuan; Swainston, Neil; Dunn, Warwick B.; Fisher, Paul; Hull, Duncan; Brown, Marie; Oshota, Olusegun; Stanford, Natalie J.; Kell, Douglas B.; King, Ross Donald; Oliver, Stephen G.; Stevens, Robert D.; Mendes, Pedro
23-Apr-2002Homology Induction: the use of machine learning to improve sequence similarity searchesKarwath, Andreas; King, Ross Donald
2002How well do we understand the clusters found in microarray data?Clare, Amanda; King, Ross Donald
Sep-2004Intelligent software for laboratory automationKing, Ross Donald; Whelan, Ken
1-Dec-2004Learning Qualitative Metabolic Modelsde Mantaras, Ramon Lopez; Saitta, Lorenza; Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences; Garrett, Simon; King, Ross Donald; Coghill, George