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2007All dolled up and no place to goJoseph, Frances; Ings, Welby; Trussardi, Gabriella
2008AnatomicsJoseph, Frances; Antonczak, Laurent; Carthew, Richard
2011Building type: developing interpretive design strategies to translate selected New Zealand suburban architecture into type designAntonczak, Laurent; Joseph, Frances; Powley, Caroline
2009City centered cyclingJoseph, Frances; Hamon, Jan; Reilly, Lyle
2003Confronting design: case studies in the design of ceramics in New ZealandJackson, Mark; Joseph, Frances; Thompson, Christopher
2002Designing information websitesJoseph, Frances; Ings, Welby; Lu, Wenxin
2002Dress as ornamentJoseph, Frances; Crowe, Deborah; Lau, Kim
2010Exercises in imageAntonczak, Laurent; Joseph, Frances; Palmer, Julia Emmanuelle
2011Future forms: a methodological investigation for garment shape innovation in knitwear designJoseph, Frances; Smith, Mandy; Evans-Mikellis, Sharon
2010Isomorphic Textiles: designing through technology in the medium of WholeGarment knitwearJoseph, Frances; Smith, Mandy; Gover, Alysha Joy
2010Mnemotechne of design — ontology and design research theoriesJackson, Mark; Kasabov, Nikola; Joseph, Frances
2007Poly'nAsia: a fashionable fusion of Tongan & Indian textile traditionsJohnson, Janine; Sicco, Luca Lo; Joseph, Frances; Bhattacharjee, Samita
2011Raincoat: a creative consideration of urban rainwearHamon, Jan; Joseph, Frances; Jones, Linda Elanor
2013Seamless knitwear: singularities in designJackson, Mark; Joseph, Frances; Smith, Amanda Elizabeth
2008SKEIN: pick up styxGallagher, Sue; Joseph, Frances; Turner, Raewyn Mary
2013The superfluous and the ephemeral: consumerism, globalisation and future fashion systemsJoseph, Frances; Finn, Angela; Smitheram, Miranda Joy