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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011A feminine language in cinemaO'Connor, Maria; Jackson, Mark; Scheffmann, Dorthe
2003Confronting design: case studies in the design of ceramics in New ZealandJackson, Mark; Joseph, Frances; Thompson, Christopher
2007Dwelling in architecture: design for a house for two strangers.Jackson, Mark; Hanlen, M A
2013Figuring diachrony: ethics before the voiceJackson, Mark; Braddock, Christopher; Harris, Brent Graeme
2010Grafted scales - gardens of the otherO'connor, Maria; Jackson, Mark; Lim, Kevin Kyujung
2007Hesitating performanceGallagher, Sue; Jackson, Mark; Harris, Brent
2013Jouissance & the sexual reality of the (two) unconsciousJackson, Mark; Alberti, Sonia; Restivo, Gustavo Eduardo
2012Jouissance: a Cixousian encounter of the song of songs; Jouissance: living-readingMeadowcroft, Tim; Jackson, Mark; Hoggard Creegan, Nicola; Cameron Klangwisan, Yael
2007Lightness, sustainability, design: framing product designYap, Leong; Jackson, Mark; Boult, Martin
2009Living events: a metaphor for designJackson, Mark; Mann, Richard Antony
2010Mnemotechne of design — ontology and design research theoriesJackson, Mark; Kasabov, Nikola; Joseph, Frances
2014Open limit: field as witnessJackson, Mark; Johnson, Rosser; Lyons, Marcia
2011Performance Test LabourJackson, Mark; Brown, Carol; Holmes, Lucille; Harvey, Mark Robert Gordon
2013Seamless knitwear: singularities in designJackson, Mark; Joseph, Frances; Smith, Amanda Elizabeth
2008The artist will be present: performing partial objects and subjectsJackson, Mark; Cross, David; Braddock, Christopher Gregory
2013The cadaverous presence: Holbein's dead Christ and Maw's suspended UpritchardBraddock, Chris; Jackson, Mark; Chance, Margreta
2009Using emergent technologies to develop sustainable architectural compositesNeitzert, Thomas; Jackson, Mark; Palmer, Fleur