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-A Market-Based Approach to Optimal Resource Allocation in Integrated-Services connection-Oriented NetworksInformation, School of; Ann Arbor
-A Smart Market for Resource Reservation in a Multiple Quality of Service Information NetworkInformation, School of; Ann Arbor
-All Space Will be Public SpaceInformation, School of; Economics, Department of; Ann Arbor
-All Space Will Be Public SpaceInformation, School of; Economics, Dept. of; Ann Arbor
-An AOL / Time Warner Merger Will Harm Competition in Internet Online ServicesInformation, School of; Ann Arbor
-Antitrust Immunity for Refusals to Deal in (Intellectual) Property Is a Slippery SlopeInformation, School of; Ann Arbor
-Auction Protocols for Decentralized SchedulingInformation, School of; Ann Arbor
-Automated Markets and Trading AgentsInformation, School of; Ann Arbor
-Automated Strategy Searches in an Electronic Goods Market: Learning and Complex Price SchedulesInformation, School of; Ann Arbor
-Bidding Strategies for Simultaneous Ascending AuctionsComputer Science, Division of; Information, School of; Information, School of; Yahoo! Research; Ann Arbor
-Bilateral Negotiation With FeesInformation, School of; Ann Arbor
-Competition Between Firms that BundleInformation, School of; Ann Arbor
-Economic FAQs About the InternetInformation, School of; Ann Arbor
-Economics and Electronic Access to Scholarly InformationInformation, School of; Nathan Associates, Inc.; Ann Arbor
-Endogenous Differentiation of Information Goods Under UncertaintyInformation, School of; Ann Arbor
-Evaluating and Selecting Digital Payment MechanismsInformation, School of; Ann Arbor
-Exercising Market Power in Proprietary AftermarketsInformation, School of; Ann Arbor
-Explaining underutilization of tax depreciation deductions: Empirical evidence from NorwayInformation, School of; Ann Arbor
-Exploring bidding strategies for market-based schedulingInformation, School of; Ann Arbor
-Feedback And Efficiency In ATM NetworksInformation, School of; Ann Arbor