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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Ageing at work: the phenomenon of being an older experienced health professionalSmythe, Liz; Hocking, Clare; Paddy, Ann
2006An ethnography of children with dyspraxia participating in gymnasticsDavis, Sharon; Hocking, Clare; Hessell, Stephanie Christine
2003Caregiving for children who have had a traumatic brain injury: structuring for securityWright-St Clair, Valerie; Hocking, Clare; Jones, Margaret A
2013Collective action and the transformation of occupational therapy practiceHocking, Clare; Jones, Marion; Nicholson, Ellen
2012Contemporary technology and 10-12 year old childhood constructions: a critical discourse analysisHocking, Clare; Payne, Deborah; Silcock, Elizabeth Mary
2008Exploring physiotherapists' participation in peer review in New ZealandJones, Marion; Hocking, Clare; Rolland, Ta-Mera Cherina
2005Exploring the supervision of occupational therapists in New ZealandHocking, Clare; Herkt, Jacqueline
2011How occupational therapists engage adult clients with cognitive impairments in assessmentsHocking, Clare; Blijlevens, Heleen; White, Amanda
2013How occupational therapists in Aotearoa/New Zealand have taken up ideas in the international occupational therapy literatureHocking, Clare; Reed, Kirk; Orton, Yasmin Truelove
2011Living with dementia in New Zealand: an action research studyHocking, Clare; Spence, Deb; O'Sullivan, Grace
2008Observing mothers lifting their children in their own home to identify factors which might give rise to musculoskeletal disordersHocking, Clare; McKay, Renee
2014Promoting universal design in public buildings: an action research study of community participationHocking, Clare; Mace, Jenni; Copeland, Elise
2008Recovery as the re-fabrication of everyday life: Exploring the meaning of doing for people recovering from mental illnessHocking, Clare; Smythe, Liz; Sutton, Daniel
2008Resituating the meaning of occupation in the context of livingSmythe, Liz; Hocking, Clare; Reed, Kirk
2011Sticking to the plot: the nature and meaning of family routines in the context of mental illnessHocking, Clare; Sutton, Daniel; Koome, Femke
2008Strategies older New Zealanders use to participate in day-to-day occupationsHocking, Clare; Reed, Kirk; Murphy, Juanita
2007The 'culture of practice' of Ministry of Education Special Education occupational therapists and physiotherapistsWright-St Clair, Valerie; Hocking, Clare; Simmons Carlsson, Carolyn
2005The experience of novice hospital play specialists in their early months of employmentPaddy, Ann; Hocking, Clare; Kayes, Marianne
2012The involvement of significant others within a chronic pain management programme: the views of programme participants and significant othersHocking, Clare; Reed, Kirk; Swift, Catherine
2004The relationship between objects and identity in occupational therapy: a dynamic balance of rationalism and romanticismHocking, Clare