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Dec-1995A biokinetic model for Cesium-137 in the fetusHealth physics
Dec-1991A comparison perceived and calculated risk for a low-level radioactive waste disposal facilityHealth physics
May-1994A computer model of beta particle dose distributions in lithium fluoride and tissueHealth physics
Dec-1998A health risk assessment for the decommissioning of the Georgia Institute of Technology Research reactorHealth physics
May-1999A historical site assessment of the Georgia Tech Research ReactorHealth physics
May-1993Adaptive histogram equalization for mammographic image processingHealth physics
Dec-1991Automated acceptance criteria for the American College of Radiology (ACR) mammographic accreditation phantom imagesHealth physics
May-2002Calculation of internal dose conversion factors for selected spallation productsHealth physics
Dec-2002Cell cycle affects accumulation of β-D-5-o-Carboranyl-2'-Deoxyuridine(D-CDU) in human glioma cell lineHealth physics
Dec-2000Design of an experimental irradiation facility based on 50-mg ²⁵²Cf for ¹⁰B-enhanced ²⁵²Cf brachytherapyHealth physics
May-2001Determination of eye dose from personnel monitoring devices in medical institutionsHealth physics
Dec-1995Dose rate and spectral photon measurements around a loarge BWR using a tissue equivalent plastic scintillatorHealth physics
Aug-1992Evaluation of a method for identifying finite resolution effects in single photon emission computed tomographic (SPECT) imaging of the cerebral cortexHealth physics
May-1995Health risk assessment of the radioactive emissions from the consolidated incineration facility at Savannah river siteHealth physics
Dec-2000Higher-order boundary condition perturbation methods in transport and diffusion theoryHealth physics
Dec-1994Monte Carlo based exposure rate response estimates for criticality accident detectors at the Savannah River siteHealth physics
May-1998Monte Carlo calculation of fluence-to-ambient dose equivalent conversion coefficients for high-energy neutronsHealth physics
Dec-1996Multisphere neutron spectra measurements near a high energy medical acceleratorHealth physics
Aug-2001Performance evaluation of the Dosicard electronic personal dosimeterHealth physics
Dec-1997Quantitating radiation induced DNA breaks by capillary electrophoresisHealth physics