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19-May-2005A Comprehensive Study of Safe-Operating-Area, Biasing Constraints, and Breakdown in Advanced SiGe HBTsEngineering; Electrical and Computer Engineering
Aug-1992A Gaussian mixture modeling approach to text-independent speaker identificationEngineering; Electrical Engineering
Aug-1993A hierarchical video coder with application to multipoint teleconferencingEngineering; Electric Engineering
Aug-1992A mathematical model of a tubular solid oxide fuel cellEngineering; Mechanical engineering
Dec-1991A method to identify move-limits in structural optimizationEngineering; Mechanical engineering
26-Mar-2007A Methodology for Capability-Based Technology Evaluation for Systems-of-SystemsAerospace Engineering; Engineering
28-Nov-2005A Unit Cell Approach for Lightweight Structure and Compliant MechanismEngineering; Mechanical Engineering
Aug-1992Achieving high speed, high precision A/D conversion using nonlinearity correctionEngineering; Electrical Engineering
Aug-1992An integrated finite-state model for rotor deformation, nonlinear airloads, inflow and trimEngineering; Aerospace Engineering
Dec-1992An investigation on planar velocimetry by spatial cross correlationEngineering; Aerospace Engineering
May-1992Application of finite-state inflow to flap-lag-torsion damping in hoverEngineering; Aerospace Engineering
20-Jul-2005Array-Based Measurements of Surface Wave Dispersion and Attenuation Using Frequency-Wavenumber AnalysisEngineering; Civil and Environmental Engineering
6-Apr-2007Built-In Self Test and Calibration of RF Systems for Parametric FailuresElectrical and Computer Engineering; Engineering
Aug-1992Characterization of fibrillated polypropylene and recycled waste fiber reinforced concreteEngineering; Civil engineering
18-Jan-2005Closed-Loop Nominal and Abort Atmospheric Ascent Guidance for Rocket-Powered Launch VehiclesEngineering; Aerospace Engineering
Aug-1992Computer implementation and camparision of two methods for optical waveguide dispersion calculationsEngineering; Electrical Engineering
Aug-1992Continuous review (S,s) policies for multiechelon distribution systemsIndustrial and Systems Engineering; Engineering
Aug-1992Development of an optical probe for transducer calibrationEngineering; Mechanical engineering
10-Apr-2005Dynamics of Rigid Fibers in a Planar Converging ChannelEngineering; Chemical Engineering
20-Jul-2005Effect of Pressurization and Expulsion of Entrapped Air in PipelinesEngineering; Civil and Environmental Engineering