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17-Nov-20064D Segmentation of Cardiac MRI Data Using Active Surfaces with Spatiotemporal Shape PriorsElectrical and Computer Engineering
3-Jun-200860 GHz CMOS pico-joule/bit OOK receiver design for multi-gigabit per second wireless communicationsElectrical and Computer Engineering
Dec-1996A 1-volt CMOS wide dynamic Range operational amplifierElectrical and Computer Engineering; Electrical Engineering
18-Apr-2005A 1.5V Multirate Multibit Sigma Delta Modulator for GSM/WCDMA in a 90nm Digital CMOS ProcessElectrical and Computer Engineering
May-2001A 2.4GHz, Low Power, Fully-Integrated CMOS Frequency Synthesizer for Wireless CommunicationsElectrical and Computer Engineering
18-Jan-2005A Bayesian Framework for Target Tracking using Acoustic and Image MeasurementsElectrical and Computer Engineering
5-Jul-2006A Biologically Inspired Front End for Audio Signal Processing Using Programmable Analog CircuitryElectrical and Computer Engineering
1-Nov-2004A Broadband Passive Delay Line Structure in 0.18 Micron CMOS For A Gigabit Feed Forward EqualizerElectrical and Computer Engineering
Aug-1994A cepstrum-based acoustic echo cancellation technique for improving public address system performanceElectrical and Computer Engineering; Electrical Engineering
26-Aug-2004A Color Filter Array Interpolation Method Based on Sampling TheoryElectrical and Computer Engineering
31-Mar-2008A color filter array interpolation method for digital cameras using alias cancellationElectrical and Computer Engineering
3-Apr-2007A Comprehensive Approach for Bulk Power System Reliability AssessmentElectrical and Computer Engineering
19-May-2005A Comprehensive Study of Safe-Operating-Area, Biasing Constraints, and Breakdown in Advanced SiGe HBTsEngineering; Electrical and Computer Engineering
May-1994A computer architecture for implementation within autonomous machinesElectric Engineering; Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dec-1999A conditional entropy approach to encoding DCT coefficients for low bit rate video compressionElectrical and Computer Engineering; Electrical Engineering
15-Nov-2007A Current Sweep Method for Assessing the Mixed-Mode Damage Spectrum of SIGe HBTSElectrical and Computer Engineering
24-Aug-2005A Delay-Locked Loop for Multiple Clock Phases/Delays GenerationElectrical and Computer Engineering
6-Apr-2010A detection-based pattern recognition framework and its applicationsElectrical and Computer Engineering
22-Nov-2004A Distributed Approach to Dynamic Autonomous Agent Placement for Tracking Moving Targets with Application to Monitoring Urban EnvironmentsElectrical and Computer Engineering
12-Apr-2004A Distributed Approach to Passively Gathering End-to-End Network Performance MeasurementsElectrical and Computer Engineering