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Dec-1996A 1-volt CMOS wide dynamic Range operational amplifierElectrical and Computer Engineering; Electrical Engineering
Aug-1994A cepstrum-based acoustic echo cancellation technique for improving public address system performanceElectrical and Computer Engineering; Electrical Engineering
Dec-1972A computer controlled system for testing an integrated circuit automatic washer timerElectrical Engineering
Dec-1999A conditional entropy approach to encoding DCT coefficients for low bit rate video compressionElectrical and Computer Engineering; Electrical Engineering
Aug-1970A dominant mode analysis of microwave hybrid integrated circuit transmission linesElectrical Engineering
May-1956A Fourier integral computer for calculation of antenna radiation patternsElectrical Engineering
Aug-1990A gallium arsenide four-quadrant analog multiplier based on the quarter-square algebraic identityElectrical Engineering
Aug-1992A Gaussian mixture modeling approach to text-independent speaker identificationEngineering; Electrical Engineering
Dec-1998A generic system simulator with novel on-chip cache and throughput models for gigascale integrationElectrical and Computer Engineering; Electrical Engineering
Aug-1993A knowledge-based environment for the design and analysis of multidimensional multirate signal processing algorithmsElectrical Engineering
Aug-1993A learning model adaptive estimator for an automated guided vehicleElectrical Engineering
Aug-1965A logarithmic photometerElectrical Engineering
Aug-1948A low-frequency saw-tooth generatorElectrical Engineering
Aug-1951A mechanism for continuously recording the ratio of the ordinates of two curvesElectrical Engineering
May-2002A method for human identification using static, activity-specific parametersElectrical and Computer Engineering; Electrical Engineering
Dec-1994A methodology for modeling noise and spurious responses in phase-locked loopsElectrical and Computer Engineering; Electrical Engineering
Dec-1967A molecular resonance automatic frequency control system for millimeter oscillatorsElectrical Engineering
May-1986A network-based approach to power system security assessment and controlElectrical Engineering
Aug-1992A new LPC vocoder model for low bit rate speech codingElectrical Engineering
Dec-1991A new model for the half-loop antenna and its application to multiturn structuresElectrical Engineering