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May-1992A 9-bit, pipelined GaAs analog-digital converterElectric Engineering
Aug-1965A computational technique for identification of linear systemsElectric Engineering
Aug-1974A computer architecture for discrete manufacturingElectric Engineering
May-1994A computer architecture for implementation within autonomous machinesElectric Engineering; Electrical and Computer Engineering
Aug-1990A cross-validation approach to image restoration and blur identificationElectric Engineering
May-1947A determination of the electrical properties of soil in the state of GeorgiaElectric Engineering
Aug-1999A framework for adaptive image interpolationElectrical and Computer Engineering; Electric Engineering
Aug-1976A general approach to the planning of a transmission networkElectric Engineering
Aug-2002A hardware implementation of the dynamic clampElectrical and Computer Engineering; Electric Engineering
Aug-1999A hidden Markov model-based approach for face detection and recognitionElectrical and Computer Engineering; Electric Engineering
Aug-1993A hierarchical video coder with application to multipoint teleconferencingEngineering; Electric Engineering
May-1995A high speed, high resolution, self-clocked voltage comparator in a standard digital CMOS processElectrical and Computer Engineering; Electric Engineering
May-1998A low-voltage high-resolution audio delta-sigma modulatorElectrical and Computer Engineering; Electric Engineering
Dec-1947A mathematical analysis of a three phase induction motor, operated three phase and single phase with unbalanced rotor conditionsElectric Engineering
Aug-1949A mathematical treatment of non-linear oscillationsElectric Engineering
May-1968A method for compensating sampled-data control systems against sampling errorElectric Engineering
Aug-1961A method for sensing the completion of operations in speed-independent asynchronous computer circuitsElectric Engineering
May-2000A micromachined pendulous oscillating gyroscopic accelerometerElectrical and Computer Engineering; Electric Engineering
Dec-1969A moment technique for suboptimal adaptive nonlinear filteringElectric Engineering
May-1999A neuromorphic architecture for modeling intersegmental coordinationElectrical and Computer Engineering; Electric Engineering