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-A General Model of Derived Demand Linkages in a Dual Economy: Some Structural ImplicationsDepartment of Economics
-A Theory of Exclusive Trading BlocsDepartment of Economics
-A Theory of Intermediate Services and the Inequality of NationsDepartment of Economics
-ASSET REVALUATIONS AND SHARE PRICES A Study Using the M.S.A.E. Regression TechniqueDepartment of Economics
-Bureaucratic Politics and Economic Policy: The Evolution of Trade Policy in the 1970s & 1980sDepartment of Economics
-Can Financial Frictions Account for the Cross-Section Feldstein-Horioka Puzzle?International Policy Center (IPC); Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy; Department of Economics; Department of Economics, Arizona State University; Ann Arbor
-Cantillon on Real Wages and Employment: a rational reconstruction of the significance of land utilizationDepartment of Economics
-Classical Competition, Keynesian Adjustment and Composite Dynamics: A Critical PerspectiveDepartment of Economics
-Entry Modes of Multinational Corporations into China's Market: A Socioeconomic AnalysisDepartment of Economics
-Foreign Investment, Corporate Ownership, and Development:Are Firms in Emerging Markets Catching Up to the World Standard?*International Policy Center (IPC); Ross School of Business; Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy; Ross School of Business; Department of Economics; Ann Arbor
-GE-PAK : a computable general equilibrium model of energy-economy interaction in PakistanDepartment of Economics
-Globalization’s Bystanders: Does Trade Liberalization Hurt Countries that Do Not Participate?International Policy Center (IPC); Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy; Department of Economics; Ann Arbor
-HAYEK (1899-1992) ON GOVERNMENTDepartment of Economics
-Incentive-Centered Design for User-Contributed ContentSchool of Information; Department of Economics; Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy; Annenberg School, University of Southern California; Ann Arbor
-International Linkages and Macroeconomic News Effects on Interest Rate Volatility - Australia and the US'Department of Economics
-LABOUR DEMAND FUNCTIONS AND THE QUASI -FIXITY HYPOTHESIS Some Empirical Results for U.K. Manufacturing Industries 1963-1974Department of Economics
-Modelling the US$/A$ Exchange Rate Using Cointegration TechniquesDepartment of Economics
-OLS and Instrumental Variable Price Elasticity Estimates for Water in Mixed-Effects Model Under Multiple Tariff StructureDepartment of Economics