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May-1958A bibliography of thermodynamic networks of pure substancesChemical Engineering
Dec-1994A Ceria-Based Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Utilizing H [subscript 2] S as the FuelChemical Engineering
May-1991A comprehensive approach to control configuration design for complex systemsChemical Engineering
5-May-2008A comprehensive mechanism for anthraquinone mass transfer in alkaline pulpingChemical Engineering
Aug-1984A computer model of oxygen stratification in industrial boiler stacksChemical Engineering
Dec-1991A constrained multivariable nonlinear predictive controllerChemical Engineering
May-1984A corresponding states approach for the calculation of viscosity over a wide range of temperature and pressureChemical Engineering
Aug-1959A cryostat for thermal conductivity measurements at low temperatureChemical Engineering
May-1978A dynamic mechanical characterization of polycarbonateChemical Engineering
Aug-1948A fluidized powder apparatus for distilling sawdustChemical Engineering
Aug-1986A kinetic study of CO oxidation over a heterogenized wacker catalyst systemChemical Engineering
Aug-1981A kinetic study of the partial oxidation of propylene to acrolein over mixed metal oxidesChemical Engineering
Aug-1994A mathematical model of the dynamics of cytosolic free calcium in cultured vascular endothelial cells responding to shear stressChemical Engineering
Aug-1958A method for determining the thermal diffusivity of solid propellant rocket fuelsChemical Engineering
May-1991A methodology for the synthesis of robust decentralized control systemsChemical Engineering
Dec-2001A molecular level investigation of hybrid miniemulsion polymerizationChemical Engineering
Aug-1974A morphological study of the initial cold drawing deformation in the superstructure of bulk crystallized linear polyethyleneChemical Engineering
Aug-1992A new apparatus for the determination of phase equilibrium properties of heavy hydrocarbon systemsChemical Engineering
May-1996A new modeling protocol for G-protein coupled receptors : molecular simulation of phospholipid assembliesChemical Engineering
Dec-1972A new process for the production of low impurity phosphoric acid.Chemical Engineering