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99A bibliography of thermodynamic networks of pure substancesChemical Engineering
99A Ceria-Based Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Utilizing H [subscript 2] S as the FuelChemical Engineering
99A comprehensive approach to control configuration design for complex systemsChemical Engineering
99A comprehensive mechanism for anthraquinone mass transfer in alkaline pulpingChemical Engineering
99A computer model of oxygen stratification in industrial boiler stacksChemical Engineering
99A constrained multivariable nonlinear predictive controllerChemical Engineering
99A corresponding states approach for the calculation of viscosity over a wide range of temperature and pressureChemical Engineering
99A cryostat for thermal conductivity measurements at low temperatureChemical Engineering
99A dynamic mechanical characterization of polycarbonateChemical Engineering
99A fluidized powder apparatus for distilling sawdustChemical Engineering
99A kinetic study of CO oxidation over a heterogenized wacker catalyst systemChemical Engineering
99A kinetic study of the partial oxidation of propylene to acrolein over mixed metal oxidesChemical Engineering
99A mathematical model of the dynamics of cytosolic free calcium in cultured vascular endothelial cells responding to shear stressChemical Engineering
99A method for determining the thermal diffusivity of solid propellant rocket fuelsChemical Engineering
99A methodology for the synthesis of robust decentralized control systemsChemical Engineering
99A molecular level investigation of hybrid miniemulsion polymerizationChemical Engineering
99A morphological study of the initial cold drawing deformation in the superstructure of bulk crystallized linear polyethyleneChemical Engineering
99A new apparatus for the determination of phase equilibrium properties of heavy hydrocarbon systemsChemical Engineering
99A new modeling protocol for G-protein coupled receptors : molecular simulation of phospholipid assembliesChemical Engineering
99A new process for the production of low impurity phosphoric acid.Chemical Engineering