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-Catalytic hydrogen generation from formic acid on supported platinum-ruthenium-bismuth oxideChan, GKY
-Deposition and kinetics studies of platinum nanoparticles on highly oriented pyrolytic graphitePhillips, DL; Chan, GKY
-Development of polymers for electroplating waste water purification, polymer-supported reagents for organic synthesis and heterogeneouscatalysts for aerobic alcohol oxidation reactionsChan, GKY; Toy, PH
-Device For And Method Of Generating OzoneCheng, S; Fung, WK; Chan, GKY
-Electrochemical generation of green oxidantsChan, GKY
-Electrochemical generation of ozone on antimony and nickel doped tin oxideChan, GKY
-Electrochemically Enabled Sustainability: Devices, Materials and Mechanisms for Energy ConversionChan, GKY; Li, CYV
-Gadolinium (III) tetraazamacrocyclic complexes for magnetic resonance imaging contrast agentsChan, GKY; Wong, WT
-Generation and detection of ozone and hydroxyl radicals in waterChan, GKY
-High voltage dual electrolyte power sourcesChan, GKY; Cheng, S
-Molecular simulation of transport in Yttria stabilized-zirconia and silica nanoporeChan, GKY
-Molecular simulations of metal nanoparticlesChan, GKY
-Monte Carlo simulation for confined electrolytesChan, GKY
-Preparation of supported Pt-based mixed nanoparticles and their catalytic propertiesChan, GKY
-Product analyses to study the mechanism of the electrochemical oxidation of glucoseChan, GKY
-Synthesis and structure optimization of gadolinium doped ceria-platinum composite for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cellcathodeChan, GKY
-Synthesis, characterization and electrochemical applications of multi-scale porous carbonsChan, GKY