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Aug-2002A biomorphic analog VLSI implementation of a mammalian motor unitBiomedical engineering; Bioengineering
May-2000A fluid mechanic assessment of the total cavopulmonary connectionBioengineering; Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dec-2002A little on EDG : the role of the cytoplasmic tail in the function of the LPA₁/Edg2 G protein coupled receptorBiomedical engineering; Bioengineering
May-2003A pseudotyped viral vector : hPIV3-HIV-1Bioengineering
5-Jul-2006Analyzing Non-Unique Parameters in a Cat Spinal Cord Motoneuron ModelBioengineering
22-Aug-2006Apoferritin Crystallization in relation to Eye CataractBioengineering
22-May-2007Bayesian based risk stratification of atrial fibrillation in coronary artery bypass graft patientsBioengineering
Aug-1998Biological information management with application to human genome dataMechanical engineering; Bioengineering
19-Aug-2009Biomechanical responses to seated full body tilt and their relationship to clinical applicationBioengineering
Dec-2001Characterization and control of smooth muscle cell phenotype in vascular tissue engineeringBioengineering
Aug-2002Chitosan nanoparticles for mucosal and intramuscular delivery of DNA vaccinesMechanical engineering; Bioengineering
Dec-2002Chondrocyte behavior in monolayer culture : the effects of protein substrates and culture mediaBiomedical engineering; Bioengineering
9-Jul-2007Coated microneedles and microdermabrasion for transdermal deliveryBioengineering
May-1999Comparison of septal defects in 2-D and 3-D echocardiography using active contour modelsElectrical and computer engineering; Bioengineering
24-May-2006Construction, expression, and purification of soluble CD16 in bacteriaBioengineering
Aug-2003Control of angiogenic responses through an evolutionary conserved sequence of fibroblast growth factorBiomedical engineering; Bioengineering
4-Jan-2010Delivery of BMP-2 for bone tissue engineering applicationsBioengineering
18-Aug-2004Design and verification of a surface plasmon resonance biosensorBioengineering
10-Jul-2007Development of a small animal model to study tissue engineering strategies for growth plate defectsBioengineering
12-Jan-2005Effects of Mechanical Forces on the Biological Properties of Porcine Aortic Valve LeafletsBioengineering