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Dec-1985Thermal analysis of a clothes dryer heater boxMechanical engineering
May-1978Thermal analysis of receivers for solar concentrators and optimization procedure for power productionMechanical engineering
Dec-1992Thermal analysis of the continuous filament winding processMechanical engineering
May-1999Thermal and mechanical analysis of an explosion in an underground electrical vaultMechanical engineering
Dec-1974Thermal and traction behavior in sliding elastohydrodynamic contactsMechanical engineering
May-1999Thermal aspect of stereolithography moldsMechanical engineering
Dec-1983Thermal conductivity measurements with a thermal probe in the presence of external heat sourcesMechanical engineering
May-1967Thermal conductivity of meatsMechanical engineering
Aug-1980Thermal convection within superheated liquid metal cavitiesMechanical engineering
Aug-1999Thermal cycling and rate-dependent stress relaxation behavior of soldersMechanical engineering
May-1979Thermal effects in traction drive elementsMechanical engineering
Aug-1997Thermal elastohydrodynamic analysis of a radial lip sealMechanical engineering
Aug-1992Thermal instability with radiation by the method of energyMechanical engineering
May-1994Thermal management of electronic enclosures using heat pipesMechanical engineering
Dec-1997Thermal management of integrated circuits using synthetic jet technologyMechanical engineering
Dec-1985Thermal model for drawing optical fibers in the post-melt regionMechanical engineering
May-2002Thermal properties of linear cellular alloysMechanical engineering
Dec-1962Thermal stresses in a rectangular plateMechanical engineering
Dec-2002Thermal-based multi-objective optimal design of liquid cooled power electronic modulesMechanical engineering
May-1987Thermal/structural integration through relational database managementMechanical engineering