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Dec-1997A data approach to tracking and evaluating engineering changesMechanical engineering
Aug-1990A decision framework for conceptual engineering designMechanical engineering
May-1999A decision support system for fabrication process planning in stereolithographyMechanical engineering
Aug-2001A design for manufacturing method for rapid prototyping and rapid toolingMechanical engineering
May-1997A design methodology for control of a belt-driven robot using frequency response analysisMechanical engineering
May-1997A design methodology of a high-torque multi-degree-of-freedom spherical motorMechanical engineering
May-1997A design of a low-cost propulsion system for an electric scooterMechanical engineering
May-1967A design procedure based on the quadratic performance index and linear least squares approximationsMechanical engineering
May-1999A deterministic mixed-elastohydrodynamic lubrication model and analysis of lip seal performanceMechanical engineering
Dec-1992A dynamic model for calculating the uptake of an inhaled noble gasMechanical engineering
Aug-1999A dynamic quasi-newton method for model independent visual servoingMechanical engineering
Aug-1955A feasibility study of a rocket-powered hypersonic wind tunnelMechanical engineering
May-1992A finite element based model of gas/liquid mechanical sealsMechanical engineering
Dec-1993A finite element formulation for the time domain vibration analysis of an elastic-viscoelastic structureMechanical engineering
Dec-1990A finite element model for estimating mechanical properties of the corneaMechanical engineering
Aug-2000A finite element simulation of thermal profiles in grinding of titanium aluminideMechanical engineering
Dec-1995A five channel laser interferometer for use in non-invasive acoustic materials testingMechanical engineering
Dec-2001A framework for a distributed product realization environmentMechanical engineering
Dec-1955A further analysis of the full floating textile spindle bearingMechanical engineering
Aug-1980A general purpose interactive graphics system for an intelligent terminal in a time-sharing environmentMechanical engineering