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8-Jan-2008A distributed Monte Carlo method for initializing state vector distributions in heterogeneous smart sensor networksElectrical and Computer Engineering
21-Nov-2005A Fault-Tolerant Control Architecture for Unmanned Aerial VehiclesElectrical and Computer Engineering
1-Dec-2003A floating-gate delta-sigma modulatorElectrical and Computer Engineering
May-2000A fluid mechanic assessment of the total cavopulmonary connectionBioengineering; Electrical and Computer Engineering
Aug-1999A framework for adaptive image interpolationElectrical and Computer Engineering; Electric Engineering
21-Apr-2005A framework for low bit-rate speech coding in noisy environmentElectrical and Computer Engineering
13-Jul-2005A Fraud-Prevention Framework for Software Defined Radio Mobile DevicesElectrical and Computer Engineering
12-Nov-2008A full electromagnetic analysis of fresnel zone plate antennas and the application to a free-space focused-beammeasurement systemElectrical and Computer Engineering
12-Apr-2004A Fully Integrated Fractional-N Frequency Synthesizer for Wireless CommunicationsElectrical and Computer Engineering
15-Jan-2008A generalization of the minimum classification error (MCE) training method for speech recognition and detectionElectrical and Computer Engineering
Dec-1998A generic system simulator with novel on-chip cache and throughput models for gigascale integrationElectrical and Computer Engineering; Electrical Engineering
Aug-2002A hardware implementation of the dynamic clampElectrical and Computer Engineering; Electric Engineering
Aug-1999A hidden Markov model-based approach for face detection and recognitionElectrical and Computer Engineering; Electric Engineering
May-1995A high speed, high resolution, self-clocked voltage comparator in a standard digital CMOS processElectrical and Computer Engineering; Electric Engineering
9-Jul-2007A highly linear and low flicker-noise CMOS direct conversion receiver front-end for multiband applicationsElectrical and Computer Engineering
7-Jun-2005A Highly Sensitive, Integrable, Multimode, Evanescent-Wave Chem/bio SensorElectrical and Computer Engineering
13-Nov-2009A low-noise CMOS interface for capacitive microaccelerometersElectrical and Computer Engineering
May-1998A low-voltage high-resolution audio delta-sigma modulatorElectrical and Computer Engineering; Electric Engineering
May-2002A method for human identification using static, activity-specific parametersElectrical and Computer Engineering; Electrical Engineering
18-Mar-2004A Methodology for Detecting and Classifying Rootkit ExploitsElectrical and Computer Engineering