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Dec-1990A novel electrolyte for the sodium/iron chloride batteryChemical Engineering
Aug-1986A numerical model of the synthesis of carbon black by benzene pyrolysisChemical Engineering
Aug-1954A preliminary investigation of heat transfer by bubbles in an air-water systemChemical Engineering
Aug-1959A psychrometric study of water and organic liquids in various gasesChemical Engineering
Aug-1961A review and evaluation of the utilization of solar energyChemical Engineering
May-1993A solid oxide fuel cell using hydrogen sulfide with ceria-based electrolytesChemical Engineering
Aug-1993A structure-property study in real-time of the tensile deformation of oriented polypropylene thin filmsChemical Engineering
Dec-1956A study of absorption by liquid dropsChemical Engineering
Dec-1955A study of absorption in wetted wall columnsChemical Engineering
18-Apr-2005A Study of Cellulose Based Biodegradable Foams and SpongesChemical Engineering
May-1953A study of diffusion in porous mediaChemical Engineering
Aug-1952A study of flooding in packed columnsChemical Engineering
Aug-1958A study of heat transfer from oil globules to a water bathChemical Engineering
Aug-1955A study of heat transfer to liquid-solid suspensions flowing turbulently in a horizontal pipeChemical Engineering
Dec-1956A study of low pressure distillation in a packed columnChemical Engineering
Aug-1948A study of the destructive distillation of hardwood sawdust in a fluidized bedChemical Engineering
Aug-1977A study of the influence of large wire drawing plastic strains on dislocation substructures and mechanical properties of aluminum and its dilute alloysChemical Engineering
Aug-1948A study of the packing characteristics of fiberglas packing as adapted to countercurrent liquid-liquid extractionChemical Engineering
May-1939A study of the possibility of improving Georgia ocher by electrophoresisChemical Engineering
May-1932A study of the preparation of thiolbenzoic acid and benzoyl disulfideChemical Engineering